Rosanna Scotto Hosts Dan’s Rosé Soirée 2021 on July 24

Rosanna Scotto
Rosanna Scotto

This summer we can say it: Dan’s Rosé Soirée is back!

The highly anticipated signature Dan’s Taste event on July 24 features over a dozen of the world’s finest rosé wines paired with the tastiest of bites from the top chefs of the East End, making this THE highlight of the July Hamptons season.

And who better to guest host the spectacular wine and dining event at Nova’s Ark sculpture park in Water Mill than Southampton’s own Rosanna Scotto, familiar to morning television audiences as the warm, engaging co-host of FOX 5 Good Day New York. Scotto is also a food and wine enthusiast who, along with her famous family, is known for Fresco by Scotto, the Scotto’s Italian midtown Manhattan restaurant that has been a mecca for entertainment stars, power brokers and loyal customers for 28 years.

The Scottos have a family home in Southampton and have been coming to the Hamptons for 17 years.

We caught up with Rosanna Scotto to talk about the upcoming Rosé Soirée, what she loves about the East End and the changes at Fresco by Scotto, which re-opened last month with a new chef, a new look, a new sound system and a gorgeous outdoor atmosphere. The inspiration struck when Rosanna and her sister, Elaina Scotto, returned from observing a booming, party-like restaurant scene in Florida and decided to bring it home, enlisting the artistry of their dear friend Larry Scott (known in the Hamptons to create stunning events).

We also got the scoop about the “Scotto Sisters,” the hit Instagram live show where Rosanna and Elaina connect with viewers about current events, have a check-in with Mama Scotto (Marion) and do what they call the “schmoozy-schmooze.”

When it comes to Rosanna Scotto and her family, there is no shortage of fun, food and festivity.

Are you a big rosé fan?

I love my rosé … I consider it my go-to summer drink. There is something light and sunny about it that just makes me feel good—(like) we are children on a summer vacation—it puts me in a good mood.

Tell me about your family and the importance of food.

We love food. We love to eat. You know when people go on vacation and they plan their vacation around the sights and the monuments? We do the restaurants—and whatever is around there. [laughs]

Who is the best cook in the family?

I’d have to say Dad—he does a great Sunday sauce, and let’s face it, that is the heart and soul of the Sunday meal. It’s funny because whenever he makes it, he’ll take his first bite and go, “What do you think of it?” Like every Sunday! He’s just fishing for a compliment [laughs]. “THIS is the best Sunday sauce! I don’t know how he did it! Better than last week!”

What was the goal in re-doing Fresco by Scotto?

We literally said this is what we’re doing: We’re going to Capri, in New York City, in our backyard. … We really thought about every detail just like you would when you are throwing yourself an amazing party, and every night we come here it really is an amazing party. … We have these firework candles that come out when you have a birthday!

Sounds like you really reinvented the place.

Reinvented the place and we know our vision is doing well because we’re getting people coming back, repeat customers; in fact this morning Kelly Ripa once again starts talking about Fresco by Scotto and our outdoor space. Elaina and I are, like, falling off our seat, “What? Again?” [laughs]

What’s your schedule like at Good Day New York, and how much time do you spend out here?

I work Monday through Friday, and Friday morning at 11 o’clock I’m in the car and heading out east, and then we usually leave Sunday afternoon sometime, to try to beat the traffic so I can have some kind of time to prepare for Monday’s show.

I’m at work at 5 a.m. for a 5:15 meeting. I’ve been at Fox over 30 years, but I’ve been doing the morning show for 13 years.

Do you still love the job?

I love it. I mean, once I get out of bed, it’s the greatest job ever. I get to meet the most interesting people—people who are making the news, to those who are famous faces—I get to meet them, know their background and ask questions that sometimes you wish that you could ask somebody but maybe you don’t have the courage to.

What inspired you and Elaina to do the “Scotto Sisters” show?

During COVID, as a family, we were separated as everyone else was, and we were trying to stay connected to keep my mom engaged because she was so used to being at the restaurant and working. … We started doing a live 4:30 p.m. afternoon show, where we would kind of commiserate and also talk about current events, and it really has developed into this very funny show. … People who (watch) take time out of their jobs just to see what we are going to say and see what Mom is going to say, because Mom is unfiltered.

What do you love about being out east?

I love the smell of the salt water, the beach. We have the most beautiful beach in the country. There is such peace to just sit there on the sand and watch the ocean come in and come out. It brings happiness to be able to also bring the whole family together. … We love our family and our extended family being able to come over and enjoy our food.

Favorite restaurants?

We love Tutto il Giorno … Dopo la Spiaggia … Le Bilboquet … Argento. Those are our go-tos.

Other favorite places you love out here?

We do love our Round Swamp (Farm). We love the little farm stands. I like the Stop & Shop—it’s big! [laughs]. I’m used to these markets in the city where you can’t even go one person down an aisle; here you can have a party down an aisle!

I love everything about it.

Dan’s Rosé Soirée takes place on Saturday, July 24 at Nova’s Ark in Water Mill. For tickets, visit Fresco by Scotto is located at 34 East 52nd Street, NYC. Visit for more info. “Scotto Sisters” airs weekdays at 4:30 p.m. on Instagram live: @scottosisters