Colin Jost Takes Ride While Moving His Ferry to New Dock

An image of a Staten Island ferry at downtown New York City with Statue of Liberty with Colin Jost
Colin Jost bought an old Staten Island ferry, like the one pictured here.
Getty Images / (Jost) David Crotty/PMC © Patrick McMullan

Montauk resident and Saturday Night Live Weekend Update host Colin Jost and his SNL castmate Pete Davidson, who both grew up on Staten Island, have found a place to dock the 57-year-old Staten Island ferry they purchased in January for $280,000, along with a group of investors.

According to The New York Times, the 277-foot-long, 2,100-ton boat, called the John F. Kennedy, was moved on April 11 and has found a home at a shipyard on the western edge of Staten Island.

Rather than have the ferry towed directly to the shipyard, Jost had two tug boats push it out in the harbor, where the comedian proceeded to be photographed standing on the ferry’s roof next to the Statue of Liberty with a helicopter and a camera drone whizzing overhead.

Jost told The New York Times, “I’m a cautious person by nature and this is definitely the riskiest thing that I’ve ever done.”

Currently, the ferry, which was listed in “poor” condition when he bought it, is in a slip at Caddell Dry Dock & Repair where it will reportedly stay for repair and renovation.

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