Alfredo Paredes Brings Luxe Designs to Shelter Island Shop

Chairs by Alfredo Paredes
Chairs by Alfredo Paredes

The Alfredo Paredes Shelter Island Shop is set to debut this month at Ram Design Home. Paredes, a NYC and Shelter Island-based designer of luxury furniture, and former Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer for Retail and Home at Ralph Lauren, will showcase his work alongside art and design created and curated by other local talents.

Set within Ram Design Home, the retail arm of Cristina Peffer’s flourishing Ram Design interior design firm, the shop will highlight Paredes’ attention to detail in furniture, home accessories and art, as well as vintage treasures curated by Peffer, who is well known for her artistic eye.

Paredes, described on his website as “a multi-disciplinary creative director taught by the best,” is presenting quality, craftsmanship and comfort in his made-in-the-USA collection, which will be accompanied by Rogers & Goffigon textiles, offering custom fabrics for upholstery. The shop will also feature pictures by local photographer Robin Rice.

“If it’s good, you know,” Paredes says, describing his keen eye for quality design.

Shoppers can expect varied designs in Paredes’ collection, from tropical, to rural, to tucked-away cocktail lounge looks.

Ram Design Home, where this collection will be featured, is the interior storefront of the Ram Design studio. Peffer and recently joined colleague Julie O’Neill, put forth their own design expertise in collaboration with other artists to make the retail space stand out. And it’s more than just a storefront.

Peffer plans to host gatherings at the shop based around the arts, environment and history of Shelter Island. Specifically, there will be a summer series on Thursday nights for local artists to speak and showcase their work starting Thursday, July 7.

In continuation with his involvement, Paredes plans to be present at the site, supporting the shop and his community.

Located at 181 North Ferry Road in Shelter Island Heights, the Alfredo Paredes Shelter Island Shop at Ram Design Home will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Visit to learn more about Alfredo Paredes, and for info about Cristina Peffer and Ram Design.

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