Something to Wine About: Long Island Canned White Wines

Bridge Lane White Merlot Long Island Canned White Wines
Bridge Lane White Merlot canned Long Island wine

It’s well established that wine in a can is more than just a passing trend. It’s a convenient way to drink quality wine. It’s safer aboard boats and at pools than glass. It’s easier for transporting to picnics. It’s fun to be able to have an assortment of great wines on hand. And it’s excellent for portion control. But, keep in mind, not all cans are created equal.

First one must know that the wine in the can is terrific. Be assured the two wines we’ll talk about here, Bridge Lane White Merlot and CANette White Wine Spritzer with blueberry and lemon, are great! Both are quality Long Island wines. Both are light and refreshing, and pair great with springtime fare like salads and fruits. Both are fun at barbecues, and both drink well on their own. They are also both packaged in sky blue cans.

Now, the differences. We’ll start with the most important difference when drinking; these are two completely different products. The Bridge Lane White Merlot comes in a small can that equals 250ml, which amounts to one third of a bottle of wine, and it is 12% alcohol. That is equal to about one and a half glasses of wine. The CANette is a white wine spritzer. The can is larger, with 375ml of product that comes in at 6% alcohol. This can is about the size of one beer. The CANette is a larger can, but you are drinking less alcohol than the Bridge Lane.

The Bridge Lane has notes of white peach and light cherry. It’s dry and delicious. Equally delicious is the CANette White Wine Spritzer with blueberry and lemon. It is bursting with fresh ripe blueberry flavor and just enough lemon to keep each sip balanced and fresh.

A four-pack of the CANette is $24. A four-pack of the Bridge Lane White Merlot is $28. Both are great staples to have on hand for summer parties. Just be sure to let imbibers know the difference.

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