Diva Moms Pampering Hamptons Mothers This Summer

Diva Moms Lyss Stern with with Kelly Ripa at Super Saturday at Novas Ark Project.
Lyss Stern with with Kelly Ripa at Super Saturday at Novas Ark Project.

Lyss Stern, founder of Diva Moms, is bringing her recharging, resetting and rejuvenating services to the mothers of the Hamptons, free of charge. Stern believes every mom deserves some time off and that is exactly what her morning event will offer.

Perfect for post-summer camp drop off, or even a few hours away while the kids are with a sitter, Stern’s Diva Moms, Moms Morning Out has just what busy East End moms could need. On Tuesday, July 12, from 8:30 to 11 :30 a.m. at Naturopathic Spa in East Hampton, registered moms can receive express massages, facials, Radio Frequency Contouring demos hand treatments and admission to a group meditation class, a light breakfast, coffee and tea.

“The moms actually will have a few hours just to be mindful, be themselves to breathe,” Stern says.

This specific event is part of Stern’s Mom Time Out Movement, where mothers are given the opportunity to take a step back from their daily obligations and have some time for themselves. Mom Time Out has come in the form of three successful retreats, held at Tyler Hill SleepAway Camp in the Poconos, where mothers can completely get off the grid for 48 hours and connect with themselves, other moms and nature around them. Participants have the chance to read a book by the lake, relax or participate in plenty of activities including kayaking, arts, crafts, tennis, karaoke, makeup lessons, meditation, yoga, relay races and more.

“Why should the kids have all the fun in camp, right? It’s for the moms too,” Stern says.

In addition to the longer events, Diva Moms has also put on another Moms Morning event at the New York City, Naturopathic location, drawing in a crowd of 50 moms with 100 on the waitlist for these in-demand services. Each of these events is an attempt at keeping mothers strong in order to continue doing what they’re doing on a daily basis, especially through a stressful series of years.

“Everybody’s always talking about, which they should be, the kids’ mental health part of this pandemic, but what people seem to forget about are the moms,” Stern, a mother of three herself emphasizes. “We need to know that it’s okay for us to take time for ourselves, because we need to be strong, we need to be mentally healthy as well.”

The overarching organization making these events come to life is Stern’s 18-year-old project, Diva Moms. A brand started with the intention of maintaining new mothers’ independence and exciting lifestyle through networking and connection, has transformed into a company that celebrates these women for their hard work as the head of their households.

“What I want moms to really realize now, especially during this pandemic, is that you are the queen of your own home, you are the queen of your castle, you are the diva mom, you are fearless, you are fierce, you know you are doing it all and we’re here to applaud you because every single mom out there is freaking amazing,” Stern says.

For more information about the upcoming event or to RSVP email Lyss Stern at [email protected].

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