Something to Wine About: 2020 DAOU Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

DAOU Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
DAOU Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

From war-torn Beirut to France, where a love affair with wine began, to the beautiful hills of Paso Robles, the story of DAOU Vineyards is as magical as the wine itself.

Founded by brothers Daniel and George Daou, DAOU Vineyards was started to create world-class Bordeaux style wines in the United States. But the journey these men took began much farther away, many decades earlier.

Born in Beirut the 1960s, the brothers and their family fled their country amid a brutal war. They became refugees in France, and this is where Daniel Daou, the younger of the two boys, fell in love with wine.

His older brother ventured to the United States for college, and a few years later, Daniel followed. They both pursued successful careers in tech. It was this success that allowed them to later explore Daniel’s passion for wine and to fully realize his dream.

Both brothers have said, “Family is the most important thing.” And to that end, Daniel is DAOU’s winemaker, and his brother George is in charge of everything outside of the bottle.

The Paso Robles region in California is well known for producing big, beautiful Zinfandel wines, but that is not what drew Daniel to the region. He was lead there by the soil, the calcareous clay soil to be exact. The same type of soil found in Bordeaux.

And in that soil Daniel planted cabernet sauvignon and the other noble varieties found in Bordeaux.

2020 DAOU Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2020 DAOU Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is just one of the delicious results of those plantings. A new world take on an old world wine, it’s created from 76% cabernet sauvignon, 23% petit verdot and 1% cabernet Franc.

The wine is then barrel aged for 18 months. This resulting wine is a smooth, luscious and layered expression of cabernet sauvignon.

Grilled cherry flavors, deep, dark berries, mocha, vanilla and toast make this wine just so delectable. While it can be enjoyed with filet mignon and barbecue, the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon drinks equally well on its own.

The wine retails for $56 and it’s well worth every penny.

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