Boca Helping Hands Unveils Sun Capital Annex to Feed Hungry

Boca Helping Hands unveils the Sun Capital Annex
Boca Helping Hands unveils the Sun Capital Annex

Boca Helping Hands recently unveiled the Sun Capital Annex on October 13 — the new warehouse facility, located at 1500 N.W. 1st Court in Boca Raton, will be responsible for feeding tens of thousands of individuals in need throughout the South Florida region.

The unveiling event recognized $1 million in lifetime support from the Sun Capital Partners Foundation, whose help has been critical to Boca Helping Hands’ development over the past decade. The Foundation’s most recent $100,000 matching gift brought them to the $1 million milestone.

“We want to honor the Sun Capital Partners Foundation’s generous contributions to Boca Helping Hands, and also shed light on the considerable impact their support has had on our organization,” said Greg Hazle, Executive Director of Boca Helping Hands.

Sun Capital’s support over the last decade includes helping BHH to purchase a new refrigerated truck for food recovery, hosting food drives, volunteering, and matching end-of-year campaign donations to help BHH raise critical operating funds during the pandemic.

Boca Helping Hands unveils the Sun Capital Annex
Boca Helping Hands at the Sun Capital Annex

They have also provided additional support through matching employee contributions and purchasing tickets to events. The Sun Capital Charity Committee, which makes each year’s funding decisions, consists of engaged employees who volunteer to serve each year to benefit their community with available Foundation funds.

“Since the Sun Capital Partners Foundation was founded in 2007, we have supported more than 700 charities, focusing on innovative nonprofits that have a strong culture of social engagement and provide a direct, positive impact, both globally and in local communities,” said Marc Leder, Co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners and president of The Foundation. “We are proud to support Boca Helping Hands and do our part to help ensure they can continue to provide assistance to those most in need.”

Leder and his Sun Capital Partners Co-Founder and Co-CEO Rodger Krouse started the Sun Capital Partners Foundation with the belief that success brings with it a responsibility to make a difference.

Boca Helping Hands has tripled both its staff and budget over the last 10 years, growing from a humble soup kitchen and food pantry that assisted Boca Raton residents to a multi-service agency that now provides more than 27,000 people in South Palm Beach County with hunger-relief services, emergency financial assistance, access to healthcare, and job training each year.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of crucial philanthropic partners like Sun Capital,” said Gary Peters of the Boca Helping Hands Board.

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