Broadway-Bound Musical “Ice Champion” Performs in Palm Beach’s Cafe L’Europe

Palm Beach’s Cafe L’Europe hosted a concert/reading from the new Broadway-bound musical “Ice Champion” for a select group of backers and investors and theater-lovers.

Dramatist Guild member, playwright, and former champion figure skater Frank D’Agostino created and composed this exciting show.  The presentation was a selection of monologues and songs performed by five local performers: Alexa Lasanta, Shelly Keelor, Spenst Hanson, Brian Varela, Mikayla Cohen, and under the musical direction of Eric Ashford.  

“Ice Champion” is a behind-the-scene glimpse into the lives of six figure skaters and is performed on a stage of “real ice” – from beginner skaters’, national skaters’, international skaters, and Olympians, and demonstrates how they evolve and struggle and ultimately find glory. This musical brings innovation to a new level of story telling with a multimedia experience of music, song, acting, dance and championship figure skating. As we approach the 100 year anniversary of figure skating being part of the Winter Olympic Games, “Ice Champion” is the perfect show to celebrate this historical milestone. 

After several equity workshops in New York, the show is slated to open within the year in South Korea and have a Broadway opening following the preview runs in South Korea. The South Korean producer includes ABT World, and U.S. producers include the famed and Tony award-winning producers at Amas Musical Theatre in New York.