Steven Spielberg, of East Hampton, Talks UFOs and Otherworldly Beings with Stephen Colbert

Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg. Photo credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock

Steven Spielberg, of East Hampton, Talks UFOs and Otherworldly Beings with Stephen Colbert

East Hampton resident Steven Spielberg recently appeared on Stephen Colbert’s late night show, where the host asked him about the existence of UFOs, with all the talk that’s been flying around about them lately.

The E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind iconic filmmaker told Colbert, “I think what has been coming up recently is fascinating, absolutely fascinating. And I think the secrecy that is shrouding all of these sightings and the lack of transparency…I think there is something going on that just needs extraordinary due diligence.

“I don’t believe we’re alone in the universe,” he continued. “I think it’s mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligent species in the cosmos. I think that’s totally impossible. At the same time, it also seems impossible that someone would visit us from 400 million light-years from here – except in the movies, of course – unless it figures out some way of jumping the shark, so to speak, and getting here through wormholes.”

Meanwhile, the director of The Fablemans also told Colbert that he has never seen a UFO. He went on to say, “The most optimistic thing I feel about these things we see in the skies, that the Army and Navy and Air Force are recording on their gun cameras, is that, what if they’re not from an advanced civilization 300 million light-years from here?

“What if it’s us, 500,000 years in the future, that is coming back to document the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st century because they’re anthropologists?” he added. “And they know something we don’t quite know yet that has occurred, and they’re trying to track the last hundred years of our history.”

It looks like Colbert’s interview has given Spielberg a lot of food for thought as well as ideas for the next E.T.

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