Lieb Cellars 2020 Teroldego-Lagrein Has Terroir of Italy in a LI Wine

Lieb Cellars 2020 Teroldego-Lagrein
Lieb Cellars 2020 Teroldego-Lagrein

While you may not think to look for the beautiful flavors of Northern Italy from a Long Island wine, after one sip of Lieb Cellars 2020 Teroldego-Lagrein you will have found it.

This wine is absolutely delicious. It is full of ripe, juicy notes of blackberry, cassis, black licorice, and grilled plum. The flavors are layered. This dry wine has excellent structure. And the finish is long and satisfying.

Lieb Cellars 2020 Teroldego-Lagrein

One often hears the word “terroir” in wine talk. It means the wine captures a sense of place. Many wine experts greatly attribute terroir to the soil. It is surprising that a Long Island wine captures the feel and flavors of Italy, but this one does.

Many in the wine industry include terroir to be a sense of time as well of place, as the weather each year strongly influences vintages of wine.

Interestingly, right now while I write this, the weather in the Italian area known for these wine varietals has been rainy all week, just as it has been here. And it is 59°F there now and 58°F here. This is just anecdotal information and most likely coincidental. Still, it’s a fun fact.

This is an extremely food-friendly wine. Enjoy it with any Italian fare. Teroldego-Lagrein can also be enjoyed with steak. It will elevate burgers, barbecue, and pizza. It’s great with cheesecake and dark chocolate, and it is delectable to sip on its own.

Bedell Cellars 2020 Teroldego-Lagrein retails for $38, and is well worth every sip.

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