Top 5 Real-Life Hamptons Locations We’d Love to See on Revenge

Emily and Nolan of Revenge meet at Camp Hero in Montauk
Emily and Nolan meet at Camp Hero in Montauk, Photo: Oliver Peterson/ABC

Last week, we went over the Top 5 Hamptons Geography Errors on Revenge. This week, let’s look at some real-life Hamptons locations that the show could make good use of.

5. Guild Hall: Victoria Grayson’s always been a fan of the arts, and with a museum and beautiful jewel box theater, Guild Hall is the perfect place for Victoria to host swanky events where she can humiliate and make examples of her friends and enemies (like Lydia and last week’s disgraced gallery owner Sheila). And what could be better than seeing a lovely show after ruining someone’s life?

4. 75 Main: This posh Southampton Village hotspot is the perfect place for Charlotte to get into trouble. The youngest Grayson has always been a bit of a party girl, and 75 Main would be right up her alley. I can just imagine her getting into a catfight with a rival debutante, trading snipes with the beautiful waitresses and getting thrown out by owner Zach Erdem.

3. Maidstone Golf Club: Conrad’s known for his nefarious business dealings, and making them while playing 18 holes at one of the most exclusive private golf clubs in the country would ensure the cops don’t catch him. Of course, after all the scandal associated with his family, he might have a hard time finding players to join him.

2. Gurney’s Inn and Spa: Nolan loves to be pampered, and even though Revenge’s version of Montauk is a little…inaccurate, Nolan would definitely risk being carjacked to get to this lovely getaway, complete with saltwater pool, Swiss showers, Roman baths and a bevvy of luxe spa treatments. Give him a martini, laptop and a handsome masseur and Nolan’s weekend is set. Of course, being at Emily’s beck and call would make nearly impossible to relax.

1. Camp Hero: An abandoned military base in Montauk, this lore-laden spot would make a great secret meeting place for Emily and her small cadre of allies. And with rumors of secret government time travel and mind control experiments, and mysterious beasts lurking there, Revenge could add a sci-fi twist — imagine if Emily decided to go back in time to save her father, or Takeda! She could even redo one of her less than stellar takedowns. We’re reaching, yes, but it’d be fun, no?

Share your favorite locations you think Revenge should use in the comments section below. And don’t forget to read our Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap on Monday! This week’s episode: Mercy.

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