10 Things to Do During a Snow Day in the Hamptons

Snowman in Hampton Bays.Snowman in Hampton Bays.
Snowman in Hampton Bays. Photo credit: instragram.com/danspapers

The Hamptons is covered in a blanket of snow, and icy temperatures may be keeping you inside much of the day. Fear not. In an effort to help combat cabin fever, we happily share a smorgasbord of activities to get you through this snow day.

1. Paint a Wintery Sag Harbor Scene—Now that the historic whaling village is in its winter glory, it’s the perfect time to find inspiration for a work of art that could become a Dan’s Papers cover for our 2014 HarborFrost issue. Submissions are due January 27, so start painting! Get more info here.

2. Do Yoga with Hilaria Baldwin—Feeling a little stiff after all that shoveling? Hilaria is sharing a yoga move per day. None of the positions involve shovels…so far.

3. Learn How to Drive—Or, at the very least, how to drive in the snow. Remember, four-wheel drive does not equate to invincibility.

4. Cook, Cook, Cook—It’s a perfect day for comfort food, something hot and satisfying. May we recommend roasting a chicken, perhaps, or another recipe from our “Simple Art of Cooking” column.

5. Catch Up on Revenge—Somehow it seems to always be a sunny, hot summer in ABC’s version of the Hamptons. Not that we’re complaining.

6. Debate the Deer CullLions and sharpshooters have both had their supporters, but if you come up with an answer that everyone can agree upon, we’d love to hear it.

7. Debate the Swan Cull—No, this is not a joke. It would seem that swans=danger.

8. Book a Nancy Atlas Fireside Session—The East End rocker beat back Blizzard Hercules with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, so this snow-and-show thing is already in her repertoire.

9. Try a Science Experiment—Anybody can go out into the below-freezing temperatures out there and try the old “will water freeze if tossed into the air” test. But it takes a bold man to investigate what happens to hot oil. Watch what happens…if you dare.

10. Become an East End Real Estate Expert—What’s the benefit of selling a Hamptons home in the winter? What do a rise in mortgage debt mean for the Hamptons? Our Hamptons Real Estate Roundtable has the answers…and now you will, too.

11. Eat All That Bread and Milk—Did you truly need to buy enough to last through an ice age?

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