Dan’s Papers Trivia Team Triumphant Once Again

Kelly, Dan, Brendan, Stacy and Dr. K.
Kelly, Dan, Brendan, Stacy and Dr. K. Photo credit: Paul A. Johnson III

The much-lauded Dan’s Papers trivia team, Thursday Night AA, once again reigns victorious following last night’s fraught competition at Townline BBQ in Sagaponack!

At least until next Thursday.

You know how sometimes you can sense victory in the air? There’s just something in the atmosphere that whispers, “You are a winner!” Something mystical and magical that sprinkles itself like a light fairy dusting all about you? I never feel that.

townline trivia scoreboard
After round two, our team was tied for third.

Our team is now in a very solid second place overall, in hot pursuit of the ultimate prize—our team name on the trophy behind the bar with the metallic pig on it.

We each took away $66 each last night. “66” is my favorite parking space in the Dan’s Papers office lot. I think it’s a bit dangerous to be one more “6” away from Satan.

Speaking of Satan, did I mention how I won the game for us?

There were two questions out of…66…that only I knew.

The first came in the “Food” round: “What Polynesian staple is made from the mashed root of the taro plant?” I thought hard about warm climate roots, cycling through tapioca and manioc and finally hit on poi, which I’ve never prepared or eaten, but I figured fit the bill. Bingo!

I was astounded that no one else on our team knew the answer to another query that was an early-80s, David Bowie-related question. Oh, right! Early-80s David Bowie-related trivia is my lone specialty; well, that and arcane baking measurements.

From the Audio Movie round: “What movie included this quote: ‘I am not an animal!'”

The Elephant Man, natch!

I am not an animal but I WANT MY NAME ON A PIG!

Go team!

trivia scoreboard
Our final score

Note: This is the Dan’s Papers trivia team’s fourth first place finish at Townline BBQ Trivia Night in Sagaponack. Read our past victory blog posts: First Win,  Second WinThird Win.

Boris, the Townline BBQ boar.
Boris, the Townline BBQ boar.

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