Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap — Season 3, Episode 21: “Impetus”

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In the finest episode of Revenge Season 3, secrets are revealed, fights break out and Charlotte’s existence is finally justified.

Read on for our recap of Revenge Season 3, Episode 21: “Impetus”…

Immediately following her abduction on the beach (see episode 20), Charlotte is taken into a dark room. Her mouth is taped and a disembodied voice threatens her to cooperate or else. Behind closed doors, the kidnappers are revealed to be Emily and Aiden!

Victoria watches the sunrise from the beach in Southampton. She’s despondent when Daniel approaches to comfort her. Victoria sighs—everyone in her life leaves her, she says. Daniel reminds her that Pascal didn’t exactly leave willingly (or in one piece, for that matter). Victoria then enlists Daniel to find out if Emily had something to do with it.

At Voulez, Margaux talks to a detective, who tells her that Pascal was wearing a wire when he died. The detective thinks there’s more going on than meets the eye. Wow, get this guy a medal.

The Stowaway. Jack tries calling Emily to talk about the “DC” ring he found last week, but she doesn’t answer. Newly disgraced Hamptons hacker Javier comes in looking for Charlotte. In a totally non-stalkery way, Javier says he traced Char’s phone and the Stowaway was the last place it was used.

At the South Fork Inn, Conrad enjoys his morning until his computer brings up a screen of Charlotte being held for ransom. Emily calls him (disembodied) and tells him not to call the cops.

Back at the dungeon, Nolan comes in. He’s a little concerned that they’re going too far, but Emily bites his head off and tells him he’s either with them or he’s not. “Let’s bag some Graysons,” Nolan shrugs, committing to his “nemily” role. Nolan intercepts a phone call from Conrad, who has called a “Mr. Marino” to meet at the dock in an hour. Aiden ominously says, “Off to the morgue…”

Daniel tries to comfort Margaux, who has just written her father’s obituary. When he sees her watching surveillance footage, he asks if she thinks Conrad killed Pascal. The two agree that it’s likely Conrad did it. Daniel is clearly playing more than one side here. Meanwhile, Conrad goes to the dock to meet with Mr. Marino, where he finds a tablet and a box. The tablet shows Charlotte being beaten, and Conrad opens the box to find an ear. Of course, Nolan has hacked Javier’s MyClone app to make it LOOK like the poor girl was beaten and dismembered, while the real Charlotte is sleeping (semi)peacefully.

Victoria goes to Montauk and finds baby Carl, who has just fallen down at the playground. She tells the babysitter she’s looking for Jack and wipes the baby’s scrape, getting a blood sample. This will apparently tie into something later, but we’re not sure what just yet.

Emily begins the indoctrination process and exposes Charlotte to all sorts of footage of the David Clarke trial, telling Charlotte it’s all Conrad and Victoria’s fault, climaxing with footage of Declan during happier times. Krista Allen does a great cry, I must say. As Charlotte starts to freak out some more, Emily, Aiden and Nolan are interrupted by Jack!

Back at the manse, Victoria is greeted by Conrad. She attacks him, but he quickly subdues her with Charlotte’s “ear.” Conrad decides it’s time to come clean—Charlotte shouldn’t pay for their sins. Victoria scoffs, noting that this is not on her, but Conrad reminds her that Charlotte was only brought into this world thanks to her affair with David.

Jack is livid with the Revenge gang…#Nemilaiden? (You heard it here first—or does it sound too much like a tangy citrus drink?) Aiden is upset with Emily, as well—Charlotte’s having a panic attack and all he sees is the image of his sister’s final moments in captivity. Emily rolls her eyes and agrees to get some meds to calm Charlotte down, but not before making a point of saying that Charlotte hasn’t suffered a day in her life, unlike her, and storms out. Jack and Aiden are stuck together. Jack declares if they kick him out, he goes to the authorities.

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The detective from earlier (from the nonexistent “Hamptons PD,” no doubt) meets Emily at the pharmacy and tells her he has some questions about Pascal’s death. Ems says she’ll meet him in Manhattan, but he mentions a pileup on the LIE (good reference, Revenge writers!) and forces her to come with him. At the station, Emily tries to dodge the detective’s questions and subtly calls Nolan through her bag. Daniel interrupts the two and Emily is not happy when he suggests they match the wire fingerprint with Emily’s juvie prints.

Nolan calls Aiden for help. Jack and Aiden have a moment when Aiden calls Jack out for caring about Emily despite her actions. He tells Jack that he’ll only be able to see the real “Amanda” when this is all over.

Conrad and Victoria have another confrontation when she accuses him of setting up the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Jack babysits Charlotte and is under pressure when she asks to talk. Eventually, he gets so upset that he lets her go!

Aiden gets to Manhattan and bum-rushes Daniel in the police station to create a diversion. Turns out Margaux is also at the only police station in Manhattan. She’s angry that Daniel is using this catastrophe to get back at Emily. Daniel agrees to explain the truth to Margaux. Emily’s prints come back negative (she switched them with Fauxmanda’s a few years ago) and she’s free to go. The detective makes it known that he’s on to her.

On the streets of Fake Manhattan, Margaux is devastated that Pascal was involved in Flight 197 and asks how people can go on living with this kind of knowledge. Daniel tells her he’s basically had to sell his soul, but hopes Margaux doesn’t sell hers; he needs her. The two look at each other longingly.

Conrad gets ready for the press conference when Charlotte walks in. He’s overjoyed… until Charlotte confronts him about the Flight 197 conspiracy. After declaring her hatred for Conrad, she goes to leave. “You’re disgusting,” she seethes. Conrad rolls his eyes: “And you, my dear, are an ungrateful bastard.” Conrad proceeds to read his not-daughter the riot act, assuring her that he’ll kill her if need be because he’s always the one who comes out on top. Charlotte is devastated (although not entirely surprised) as he tells her everything he did to David, Victoria, Fauxmanda… he says it all. After he finishes, we see that Nolan installed a camera on Charlotte’s coat and that the entire thing was broadcasted on television! Emily has succeeded. Conrad just confessed to the world! And Charlotte finally served a purpose.

Victoria quietly plays the piano, a weight lifted from her shoulders. Conrad, enjoying a drink before the authorities arrive, accuses Victoria of setting him up. He assures her that he’s taking her down with him and she shrugs him off. The police enter. “Goodbye, Conrad,” she says, “Do rot in hell.”

At the beach house, Emily and Aiden discuss their victory. Emily notes that it’s not over yet, she still has to bring down Victoria. Aiden then goes for broke and tells Emily they belong together. They kiss. (Ten bucks says he dies next week.) Jack interrupts them. We learn that Emily told Jack to free Charlotte so she’d go to Conrad and get him to talk. Jack shows Emily the “DC” ring and she’s stunned.

On the Grayson Manor balcony, Daniel is horrified to learn that Victoria refused the ransom. She assures him she knew Charlotte was okay because she’s figured out the truth about Emily. At this point it’s safe to assume she knows Emily is Amanda Clarke, but she doesn’t say as much.

In the final scene, Emily visits Conrad in jail, where she admits to ruining him. After she confirms that Victoria’s next, Conrad smiles. “Well then, Godspeed.”

Closing Thoughts
After three seasons, 900 deaths and a million botched master plans, Emily finally gets her revenge through Charlotte, who unwittingly exposes the truth! The performances by Henry Czerny and Krista Allen in that scene were superb, and the look on Emily VanCamp’s face when she realized she’d succeeded was brilliant. So, as we head to the finale, Victoria and Emily are set to have the ultimate showdown, someone’s supposed to die and we’re guessing there’s a final twist.

Takedown of the week: Conrad Grayson
Most clever twist: Charlotte saves the day
Dumbest moment: Half the cast goes to Manhattan and back within 10 minutes
Best moment: Charlotte and Conrad’s confrontation
Death prediction: Aiden

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