East Hampton Idiot Spotter Removed from Facebook; DansPapers.com Steps Up

R.I.P. east hampton idiot spotter tombstone
Photo credit: YourNikonMan/iStock/Thinkstock

East Hampton Idiot Spotter, a controversial Facebook page that chronicled the adventures of idiots in the Hamptons—failing at parking, failing at driving on the beach and going out in public dressed completely inappropriately—has been shut down by the social networking website.

Facebook told the page administrator that East Hampton Idiot Spotter was removed from public access because it violates Facebook Pages’ terms of service. How does it violate the rules? Facebook did not specify.

Could it have been because of the photo EHIS posted that was allegedly of a man walking through Montauk 7-Eleven wearing nothing but shoes? Or maybe the theme of the page just rubbed Facebook the wrong way. (Competing page Douche Spotter is still on Facebook, though it hasn’t been updated since March. The private Facebook group for Douche Spotter has more than 11,000 members.)

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DansPapers.com has done its fair share of idiot spotting in the past, like posts about moving trucks hitting low train trestles or sedans getting stuck in the sand, but it has been infrequent.

With the new deficiency of geographically specific Facebook pages related to spotting moronic people on the East End, DansPapers.com will now step in to fulfill that role.

Those looking to share idiocy in the Hamptons can now email their idiot spotting pics to [email protected] Include the date and time the photo was taken, and the location. The photos must be by you. You cannot pull strangers’—or even friends’—photos off Facebook or elsewhere. We are looking for recent, never-before-published photos that are specific to the East End. Also let us know if you wish to be credited for your photo or remain anonymous.

License plates, faces and other identifying information and images may be obscured to protect the innocent—and the idiots.

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