Revenge Season 4 Footage Revealed in New Trailer

A precarious spot for Emily in the Revenge Season 4 Trailer
A precarious spot for Emily in the Revenge Season 4 Trailer (ABC)

What goes around, comes around in the Hamptons, or at least in the Revenge version.

ABC released its first trailer featuring actual new footage from Revenge Season 4 this week, and it appears to be full of all the action and intrigue fans expect from our favorite Hamptons-based melodrama.

Presented from mean queen Victoria Grayson’s point of view, the nearly 2-minute preview uses much of the same dialogue as ABC’s first Revenge Season 4 trailer, which had no new footage, and it continues to present the possibility that this fall’s episodes will put her in the central role. And, really, who could be better for seeking revenge?

If fans recall, by the end of Season 3 Victoria was whacked over the head with a shovel and committed against her will to a psychiatric facility where she was left to cope with the knowledge that Emily Thorne, aka Amanda Clarke, had been fooling her and the entire Grayson family for years, secretly dismantling everything they worked for, as part of an elaborate plot for revenge.

As Victoria says in the trailer, “Over the last three years, my family has been destroyed, the love of my life murdered, my freedom taken away…” And there really is only one appropriate response: “When everything you love has been stolen from you, someone has to pay—Emily Thorne, I’m coming for you.”

The anticipation is killing us! Along with the chills-inducing voiceover by Victoria, rehashing the past three seasons, and a symbolic shot of Emily on Victoria’s balcony, the new trailer presents quick flashes of the season to come. Here are the notable things we see:

Nolan looking furious at Emily; Charlotte standing on the edge of roof, probably threatening suicide (let’s hope she jumps); what could be the Grayson’s yacht possibly being auctioned off, or a boat blessing; Jack with a haircut; Gideon being hauled away by two cops; Daniel standing menacingly in an underground parking garage (one of the Hamptons’ many, we’re sure); Victoria running through some bushes, escaping smoke from what appears to be a fire behind her; the newly resurrected (actually never dead) David Clarke with some burly, Village People-esque facial hair; Victoria in the psych ward with the lady who voices Lisa Simpson; Nolan being carted around on a litter, Caesar style, by men in sailor suits; Charlotte and Gideon getting it on in bed with a vial of cocaine on the nightstand; Jack in a police uniform (probably not for stripping) yelling at a very upset Emily; and, finally, Emily sleeping or unconscious with a fire blazing behind her (perhaps connected to Victoria running from smoke?).

Oh boy, it’s going to be good! Are you as excited as we are?

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Watch the trailer below and tune in to  Revenge Season 4 on ABC, premiering Sunday, September 28 at 10 p.m.

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