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Revenge Season 4 Photos Revealed: Gossip Ensues

ABC’s Revenge returns with its much anticipated Season 4 premiere on Sunday, September 28 at 10 p.m., so what better way to get hyped than with some photos from the episode? Let’s have a look at these tantalizing teasers and dish about what Season 4 is bringing to the faux-Hamptons.

Nolan with Sailors - Revenge Season 4 premiere
Nolan, Revenge Season 4, Photo: ABC

New season, same Nolan. No episode of Revenge is complete without some kind of swanky party, and we’re guessing Nolan’s hosting a Memorial Day/beginning-of-summer party. He’s got some hunky sailors, a bottle of champagne and a chaise lounge…what could possibly go wrong?

Emily and Nolan on Revenge Season 4
Emily and Nolan, Revenge Season 4, Photo: ABC

Oh wait, there’s Emily, naturally recruiting her best bud for some nefarious acts of digital deception. She looks great, though!

Margaux LeMarchal on Revenge Season 4
Margaux LeMarchal, Revenge Season 4, Photo: ABC

We get it, Margaux is French. But this new bumble bee look is a little much, even for Mademoiselle LeMarchal. The newly anointed “series regular” doesn’t look too happy, which we’re guessing has something to do with the other LeMarchal at the party, and/or that oh-so-Euro helmet hair.

Gideon LeMarchal and Charlotte Grayson on Revenge Season 4
Gideon and Charlotte, Revenge Season 4, Photo: ABC

Margaux’s dastardly brother, Gideon LeMarchal, who we met in the season finale back in May, is putting the moves on the endlessly annoying and naive Charlotte. He’s already proven to be quite dangerous—leaving Daniel in bed with a dead girl—so Charlotte best be careful.

Jack and his new friend Ben, Revenge Season 4
Jack and his new friend Ben, Revenge Season 4, Photo: ABC

Jack is looking unusually dapper, as is his dashing new friend Ben, played by Brian Hallisay. We expected to see Jack in an orange jumpsuit, since he was brought in for questioning under suspicion of kidnapping Charlotte the last time we saw him.

Victoria and new crazy pal Yeardley Smith, of Lisa Simpson fame
Victoria and crazy pal Yeardley Smith, of Lisa Simpson fame, Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, Victoria‘s looking awful pleasant at the psychiatric hospital with her new friend, played by Yeardley Smith (of Lisa Simpson fame). We’re guessing it’s all a ruse.

Elena Satine as Louise, Revenge Season 4
Elena Satine as Louise, Revenge Season 4, Photo: ABC

And here’s Elena Satine as Louise, who is set to be a pivotal recurring player this season. Looks like she’s at the hospital… is she there to see Victoria?

Several questions remain, of course. Where is Daniel in all this? Did he get in trouble after finding the dead girl in his bed? Or (more likely) did Nolan just not invite him to the party? And then there’s the elephant in the room (or in the shadows): Where is David Clarke? Will he side with his daughter Emily or reunite with lost love Victoria?

Hopefully some of these questions will be answered (and we’ll see if any of our predictions come true) on September 28. Check on Monday, September 29 for our first “Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap” of Season 4! We’ll post new recaps every Monday during the season and, for a treat between episodes, don’t miss our weekly “Revenge Top 5” posts on Thursdays. Come back next week for a review of the new graphic novel, Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne.

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