Top 5 Imaginary Spoilers for Revenge Season 4

Revenge Spoilers Meme
In our world, David Clarke is smarter than he appears, Photo: ABC

It’s still early in the new season of Revenge, but so much has happened in each episode that we can’t imagine how insane things are going to get as Season 4 continues. Just for fun, here are five “spoilers” for the rest of the season, invented entirely for our (and your!) amusement. If any of these things actually happen…well, we’re just that good (it wouldn’t be the first time, either).

5. Victoria gently tells Louise she needs to move on, but Louise declares that Victoria never cared about her, that the kindness Queen Victoria showed her in the loony bin was fake and that Victoria used her. Victoria tells Louise to get lost. Louise, unhinged, decides to get back at her in the worst way—through Daniel. She manages to trick Daniel and Margaux into having a huge fight, and seduces Daniel while he’s drunk. Daniel realizes it was a mistake the next morning, but Louise reveals to Daniel that in their drunken night of fun, they eloped! Daniel arranges for a quicky divorce and promises Louise he’ll give her some money if she leaves him alone. Louise is livid when she finds out that Daniel is planning on proposing to Margaux at a big Labor Day event.

4. David continues to behave strangely, making Victoria wonder if something is very wrong with him. Emily, meanwhile, has Nolan track David’s every move to learn more about him and his secrets. Nolan is stunned when David confronts him about being watched, and Nolan, afraid for his life, blurts out the truth: Emily is really Amanda. David grins—he already knows that and is playing Victoria, biding his time until she admits her role in his undoing. He asks Nolan not to tell Emily, and Nolan hesitantly agrees, not wanting Emily to compromise David’s plan but also afraid of jeopardizing his relationship with her.

3. Emily and Jack continue to grow closer, while Ben continues his pathetic attempts at flirting with her. Jack and Emily finally kiss, and Ben gets jealous, causing the two cops to have a huge falling-out. Ben gets hammered at a local bar and runs into Charlotte, who is also drowning her sorrows. The two end up spending the night together, but Ben realizes he’s made a mistake when the unstable Charlotte quickly becomes attached to him. Before long, Charlotte is obsessed with Ben, who doesn’t want to tell Emily or Jack because they’ll be angry at him for sleeping with her.

2. Stevie Grayson returns to the Hamptons after David contacts her with questions about Conrad and Victoria. Now sober, Stevie bonds with David, making Victoria jealous. Victoria attempts to get rid of her by belittling Stevie about her alcoholism, but Stevie is stronger now and publicly embarrasses Victoria at a fundraiser for a rehab center, revealing to everyone that Victoria deliberately sabotaged her sobriety last year.

1. Gideon returns to Southampton hellbent on ruining Daniel and Margaux. At a huge Voulez-sponsored Labor Day party in Montauk, Gideon plans on revealing all the dirt he knows about Daniel’s family. We learn that Charlotte, in a coked-up haze, once told Gideon all the Grayson family secrets. Gideon also intends to reveal a deep, dark secret about Margaux that could destroy her life and reputation, and he wants to ruin Daniel’s planned proposal to Margaux by telling everyone that Daniel is already married to Louise. Gideon has become a serious threat: David, Victoria, Emily and Jack are gunning for him because he got Charlotte hooked on drugs again, Daniel and Margaux want him gone before he exposes them, Nolan is still sore after Gideon roped him into business last season, and Charlotte is desperate to make up for revealing so many secrets. At the Labor Day party, Margaux and Daniel get onstage to announce their engagement—just as a bleeding Gideon stumbles onto the same stage and falls on his face—with a knife in his back! The knife looks like the knife David used to kill Conrad, but David appears to be just as shocked as everyone else. As the midseason finale ends, the question lingers: Who killed Gideon LeMarchal?

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