Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 4: “Meteor”

Emily races to Nolan's side in Revenge Season 4, Episode 4: "Meteor
Emily races to Nolan's side in Revenge Season 4, Episode 4: "Meteor," Photos: ABC, iStock/Thinkstock, Oliver Peterson

Someone gets whipped, someone goes crazy and someone gives a press conference. The twist? It’s the same person.

And now, Revenge Season 4, Episode 4: “Meteor”…

The manse. Emily and Nolan go through the security footage to catch the intruder (aka DAVID) who just tried to assault Emily. They figure it was one of Victoria’s underlings, and Nolan decides it’s time to call the police. Emily refuses to call the cops (even Jack) because she’s worried for Charlotte.

The next morning, Victoria finds a confused, disoriented David at the house. David tells a stunned Victoria that he tried to kill Emily, but couldn’t do it. Victoria is actually relieved—she doesn’t want him being revealed just yet. “Let me take care of things,” she says reassuringly. “Get some rest, my love…”

Emily is upset when she learns Nolan reported the break-in to the police. Jack and Ben (the only cops in Southampton, apparently) question Emily. After Nolan escorts Ben to Emily’s bedroom to investigate, Jack correctly deduces that more is going on and tells Emily that her attempts at “helping” Charlotte are not working and to please let him help. He says he’ll figure out what’s going on and help deal with it, but warns Emily not to go all vigilante on him.

Alone in the house, David assumes a crazy face and picks up a chain. Out of nowhere, the once-saintly David Clarke begins WHIPPING HIMSELF WITH A CHAIN! Yep. Let the games—and self-flagellation—begin!

In NYC, Daniel sneaks up on Margaux at LeMarchal HQ and kisses her. Margaux tells him that she gave Victoria a loan, which she is okay with since now she has a leg up on her father’s former fiancee. Daniel tells Margaux he got a job managing Louise’s estate. The two are all lovey-dovey, meaning this is going to end very, very badly.

Victoria finds Charlotte at her NYC digs. Apparently Char has been using Victoria’s name to get Xanax refills. Charlotte tries to blame Victoria, saying she ruined her reunion with David by making it all about hurting Emily, but Victoria essentially tells her to grow up.

Jack and Ben stroll (or troll, depending on how you look at it) the former Grayson Manor grounds and Jack learns that Ben ran into Emily at a nice house by a windmill (Victoria and David’s little cottage. Remember? He was “looking for drinking teens” by a windmill in the middle of the day…) Ben seems to be going overboard when it comes to protecting Emily, and Jack warns him to stay away from her. The two cops head back to the Suffolk County Police Department* (which is in Riverhead, by the way).

*Hamptons Authenticity Alert: It appears they’ve dropped the non-existent “Hamptons Police Department” from previous seasons, but it should be noted that, while the Hamptons is in Suffolk County, the Suffolk County PD would definitely NOT be dealing with all these calls in Southampton, Montauk, etc. Southampton has both Town and Village police departments, as does East Hampton. The Suffolk Police basically come to the Hamptons for murders and arson, so the Stowaway burning might bring them, but Jack and Ben are not on the arson squad, are they?

David walks into a nondescript store and gets arrested because he pretty much looks creepy and homeless now (are those bloodstains on his back?) and we can’t have that in the Hamptons—arson, assault and murder are ok though. At the police department, Ben sees a limping David being brought in. Being the investigative genius that he is, he realizes that this MUST be the guy who jumped 15 feet out of Emily’s window. He calls Emily to come identify him!

Revenge Season 4 Episode 4 Meteor Gross David Meme
David Clarke is arrested for looking gross in the Hamptons, Photo: ABC

At yet another weak setting, some unspecific pool in the city, Victoria meets with Daniel, who is managing Louise’s finances while she lounges about in her bathing suit nearby. She attempts to make inroads with her son and gives him an envelope of money, but he calls her out for asking Margaux for help. After Daniel hurls some rather cruel insults about Pascal and being a failure, Victoria threatens her son to never mention Pascal’s name again. Suddenly, a “secret admirer” sends a waiter to Victoria with some champagne but she declines and walks off. In the distance, Louise is disappointed that Vic didn’t accept her gesture.

Jack preps a lineup, and when he asks Number 3 to look up, he recognizes David! Ben greets Emily and tries to impress her AGAIN. Jack intercepts them and tries to get Emily alone, but Ben says it’s against protocol for a cop talk to the witness before an identification. Jack looks like he’s about to throw up as they go into the room. In a scene three seasons in the making (or a scene that never should have happened, if you ask Mike Kelley), Emily realizes that Number 3 is her father. She approaches the window and starts to tear up. “There’s no need to be intimidated,” Ben says, all but patting himself on the back. Emily says that she doesn’t recognize anyone and rushes out.

Meanwhile, Daniel watches crazy Louise getting out of the pool. Louise pretends not to know anything about Daniel’s past and asks him about his family. When Daniel says he and his mom don’t get along Louise says she wishes she could start over with a new mom. She then asks Daniel to rub some lotion on her back (again, why do we care?).

Nolan meets a hysterical Emily outside the precinct and is stunned when she tells him about David. Jack rushes over to them and confirms that it must be David. Meanwhile, the police chief (who we learn knows Victoria in a strange expository exchange) summons Victoria and tells her that David Clarke’s fingerprints were matched with a prisoner. She feigns shock. Outside, the FBI pulls up and Emily tries to follow, but Ben stops her and tells her he knows she cares about David for Fauxmanda’s sake but there’s nothing she can do at this time.

Louise greets Daniel in his hotel room and surprises him with champagne and a sexy bathing suit. If they’re going to work together, she doesn’t want him wearing a jacket and tie by the pool.

David is questioned by the FBI. Victoria storms in with a lawyer, but David tells “the truth:” Conrad faked his death and had him tortured for years before he escaped. David pretends he doesn’t know Conrad is dead, and feigns joy and relief to learn he is no longer considered a terrorist. Emily and Nolan watch the story on the news and rush off to the press conference about to take place.

Victoria tells David how proud she is of him and that he can tell her anything. He leans in close and tells Victoria he feels manipulated by her and that he’s her prisoner. Victoria says she won’t give up on him as his release is processed.

A series of small mini-scenes: Margaux and Daniel finally return to the rest of the show when Margaux hears the scoop that David is alive; Ben comforts Jack in the locker room (they’re both clothed, sadly) and is shocked when Jack doesn’t want to stay for the press conference.

The press conference. Emily looks on, devastated and in horror, as David makes a few little statements about being overjoyed to be home and alive and with his family. Victoria and Charlotte join him and Victoria makes a statement about loving David as she glares at Emily. Nolan looks at Emily: “What just happened?” he asks.

“She got to him first.”

Closing Thoughts: They crammed about six weeks of story into one episode, but now we can focus on Emily and Victoria waging war over David. This was the first really solid episode of the season. James Tupper was fantastic as David, who is turning out to be quite unhinged. Did Conrad REALLY have him kidnapped, or is David hiding something even more sinister?

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