Top 5 Reasons Jack Should NOT Be a Cop on Revenge

Jack Bar Revenge Cop
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After three years as a Montauk bar owner, Jack appeared in Revenge Season 4 wearing a cop’s uniform and ready to stop people like the Graysons from getting away with egregious crimes. While we enjoy Jack’s blessedly numerous locker room scenes, this move feels contrived and makes little sense. Here are five reasons that Jack should NOT be a cop on Revenge.

1. His best friends are Emily and Nolan. Emily lives under an illegally assumed identity, has deceived the law on multiple occasions, attempted to fake her death and made it her life’s goal to ruin anyone she feels deserves it. Nolan, meanwhile, is the world’s most gifted hacker and breaks into federally protected websites on a regular basis. If Jack wants to be a good, upstanding cop, wouldn’t having Emily and Nolan as friends make that very difficult?

2. He owned a well-known Montauk bar, right on the water. We get that Jack didn’t want to run the bar anymore, but does he have any idea how lucrative that business could have been? Rather than spending his time and money in becoming a beat cop, Jack could have been putting money into making the Stowaway Montauk’s premier waterside bar. Did they have to burn it down?

3. He was an accomplice to kidnapping Charlotte. Rather than go to the police when he learned Team Revenge, aka Nemilaiden (RIP Aiden :kisses finger and points to the heavens:), had kidnapped Charlotte to indoctrinate her against Conrad and Victoria, Jack sat around and watched. And when he had the chance to let Charlotte go and assuage her fears, he instead kept up the ruse and dropped her blindfolded on the beach, scaring her half to death. When Charlotte suspected Jack had kidnapped her, he was brought in for questioning! Shouldn’t that automatically null your police academy application?

4. He almost assassinated a major political figure. After Declan was killed due to the bombing of the Grayson Global building, Jack got a gun and planned to shoot Conrad as he made his gubernatorial acceptance speech. The only reason he didn’t go through with it was because Emily admitted to being Amanda Clarke. Clearly the man is not stable enough to wield a gun.

5. He looks like a stripper. ’Nuff said.

But honestly, the show is full of camp as it is, and having Jack, an extremely handsome guy, running around in a tight cop uniform and acting way out of character from the low-key “stay out of trouble” moral compass we’ve gotten to know is just jarring.

The show has already changed so much, with the departures of major cast members and the entire premise of the show being turned on its head, with mixed results (we’re looking at you, David Clarke), so having everyone’s favorite blue collar barkeep running around giving traffic tickets and getting ragey in the locker room is just pointless.

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