Revenge Obituary: Daniel Grayson

Daniel Grayson Obituary Revenge newspaper
Daniel Grayson died of gunshot wounds last week, Graphic: Oliver Peterson, ABC, showcake/iStock/Thinkstock

Daniel Grayson, 20…something, died on Sunday, December 7, due to wounds suffered by gunfire at the former Grayson Manor in Southampton.

A longtime Hamptonite with a history of public turmoil, Daniel was to be the heir of Grayson Global, which was shuttered in 2014 following the arrest and subsequent death of his father, Conrad Grayson. An infamous party boy, Daniel was responsible for a car accident that resulted in permanent spinal damage to waitress/aspiring pastry chef Sara Munello, though rumors spread in 2013 that they were once again involved in a sordid affair. Daniel was also embroiled in a major crime scandal in 2011 when he was arrested at his own engagement party for the murder of Tyler Barrol in Southampton.

While he was exonerated, drama seemed to follow Daniel consistently, from his short-lived marriage to socialite Emily Thorne (who was allegedly shot by family friend Lydia Davis) to his work on the financially fraught Voulez magazine, which he attempted to manage from Montauk, a town known for its high levels of crime and poverty. Prior to his 2011 arrest, Daniel held a part-time job as a bartender at the Stowaway Bar in Montauk, which concerned many people due to his very public drinking problem.

Daniel also briefly dated former Grayson PR spokesperson Ashley Davenport, who later returned to Europe on a private jet in 2013 following a falling-out with his mother and fiancee. And finally, at press time, unconfirmed reports stated that LeMarchal Media CEO Margaux LeMarchal is pregnant with Daniel’s child.

Daniel is survived by his mother, Victoria, and his younger sister, Charlotte Grayson. Charlotte will not be able to attend the funeral, as she is currently in rehab for her drug addiction.


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