Top 5 Daniel Grayson Moments on Revenge

Best of Daniel Grayson on ABC's Revenge collage
Daniel Grayson will be missed, Photos: ABC

Revenge ended the first half of Season 4 in trigger-happy fashion last week, with Daniel getting shot down by evil FBI agent Kate Taylor. This was particularly sad, especially since Danny was on the road to redemption, having made peace with Emily and reuniting with Margaux (who is pregnant with his child). Here are five of our favorite Daniel moments from over the years.

5. Daniel shoots Tyler in self-defense…then gets knocked out by Takeda – The big mystery of the first season—who’s dead on the beach?—was resolved in a big way when Daniel’s psychotic stalker pal Tyler attacks him at the Fire and Ice Ball (Daniel and Em’s engagement party). Daniel manages to get the upper hand and shoots Tyler once, but then Takeda appears, knocks Daniel out, and finishes Tyler off. This results in a massive trial that eventually leads to Daniel’s acquittal—thanks to Victoria and Conrad pulling strings—and, ultimately, his turn toward the dark side.

4. Daniel gets physical with Emily after Sara dumps him – After Emily “ruins” Daniel’s relationship with true love Sara by calling her mother(not the most creative takedown, admittedly), Daniel grabs Emily by the neck and throws her on the bed, declaring that sterilizing her was the best thing he ever did. How did he sterilize Emily? Keep reading.

3. Daniel asks Margaux to save him from himself – A devastated Margaux learns about her father’s misdeedsand asks Daniel how he dealt with the sins of his own family. “By abandoning your soul,” he sighs. When Margaux wonders if she should do the same, Daniel implores her: “Please don’t. Because someday I may need you to save me.”

2. Daniel shoots Emily – The much-hyped “Who shot Emily?” story was resolved in the middle of Season 3 when Daniel overhears Emily admit to Victoria that she faked her pregnancy. In a fit of rage, Daniel confronts his new wife, grabs a gun and shoots her in the stomach. Emily goes tumbling into the water, Daniel runs off and all hell breaks loose. The gunshot wound also leaves Emily unable to have children.

1. Daniel dies saving Emily – This is the big one. After realizing the true, dark nature of his family and what they have done to him, Daniel resolves to be a better man for Margaux and a good father to their unborn child. He also partially resolves his issues with Victoria and looks forward to the future. Of course, all of this soul-searching takes place at the mansion where Emily is about to be killed by crooked FBI gal Kate Taylor. Daniel rushes to Emily’s side and attempts to stop Kate from shooting, only to be shot several times himself. In one of the show’s most poignant moments ever, Daniel dies peacefully in Emily’s arms, right after she admits her feelings for him hadn’t all been fake.

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