Shop ’til You Drop: Shopping Remedies for January Blues

C. Wonder in Southampton Village on its last day in business.
C. Wonder in Southampton Village on its last day in business. Photo credit: Brendan J. O'Reilly

Oftentimes city-dwelling friends pose the question: “What do you do out there in the winter?” Followed by, “It must get so boring!” Well, dear friends, it’s just like winter anywhere else. You spend more time indoors, and when you’re outdoors, you bundle up. We may not have easy access to ski slopes, but surfers still surf (and prefer the waves this time of year) and runners still run.  It’s really a matter of being prepared and then settling in to enjoy it.

At just the right moment, the start of January, PBS released season five of Downton Abbey—taking us through mid-winter while inspiring luxurious British cold-weather attire a la Ralph Lauren. Watch and learn: They layer velvets and tweeds and sip tea nearly all day. Ralph Lauren has shops in Southampton and East Hampton so you, too, can find some fabulous sportswear and eveningwear. Cashmere sweater and corduroy pants anyone? Ralph Lauren is located at 33 Main Street, East Hampton and at 41 Jobs Lane, Southampton. Call 631-324-1222 for East Hampton and 631-287-6953 for Southampton or visit

On the topic of tea, if you haven’t tried Kukicha Twig Tea, you must. It has a roasted earthy taste—similar to green tea but a little more rounded, if that makes sense. Eden Organic makes a great one, which they describe on the box as: “Soothing, satisfying tea of gas fired cauldron roasted tea twigs and mature leaves. Aged 2 to 3 years after roasting. Lowest caffeine of EDEN imported teas, 90% less than brewed coffee. Ideal at meal’s end. 50% kukicha tea and 50% apple juice is an excellent children’s beverage. Antioxidant health benefits. Quick and easy, environmentally appropriate tea bags.” I picked mine up at Wild by Nature in Hampton Bays. Also available at Second Nature at 70 Main Street in Southampton. Call 631-283-8117.

Keep your tea warm with a stylish and high-tech tea tumbler courtesy of DaoNow. The DaoNow elegant vacuum insulated tea tumbler is hand-crafted and beautifully designed with an all-natural ceramic liner. It’s a very functional and stylish container for your favorite gourmet tea. Its vacuum insulation feature keeps your tea at the perfect steeping temperature for hours to maximize the tea’s medicinal benefits. The leak-proof lid screws on for car and travel and fits all size cup-holders. The manageable size (11 oz capacity) and non-slip exterior makes the DaoNow Tumbler easy to handle. The included loose tea strainer helps you enjoy loose tea leaves without an infuser. Order yours at

Southampton Village has lost a staple. C. Wonder, the whimsical, colorful brand created by Chris Burch, ex-husband of fashion designer Tory Burch, has closed. Wednesday, January 7, was the store’s final day, a part of a nationwide shuttering of the brand. A popular fixture on the corner of Main Street and Jobs Lane, C. Wonder sold clothes, jewelry, shoes and home accessories in fun prints and colors. Originally a popup, they had been in the village since 2012. We’ll miss you C. Wonder!

New Kid on the Block

Taylor Rose Berry opened the new Harbor Books in the former BookHampton space on Sag Harbor’s Main Street last month. It’s reminiscent of the old bookstore but with a somewhat more open floor plan. There are a number of great gifts on offer in addition to books, including the coolest book-cover T-shirts and hefty store mugs. Expect live music and a lively collision of the arts in general. Harbor Books will be open seven days a week, Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Depending on demand, the shop may stay open later on any given night. For more information, call Harbor Books at 631-808-3401 or visit

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