Top 5 Predictions for Second Half of Revenge Season 4

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Now what? Photo: ABC/Danny Feld

There’s a new episode of Revenge this Sunday, and we can’t wait! Thanks to the devastating midseason finale, in which poor Daniel perished saving Emily’s life from evil FBI agent/daughter-of-bad-guy Kate, there are any number of places Revenge could go for the second half of Season 4. Here are a few predictions we have for the coming episodes.

1. Victoria has a breakdown. For real. She’s lost everything – Patrick left the Hamptons to study art (and get away from his crazy mama), Pascal met his gory maker via helicopter blade, Charlotte went all the way to Europe for rehab, and now Daniel, who she’s done so much to protect and groom, is dead. Add in an unstable lover in David and a persistent enemy in Emily and you have a woman who is clearly teetering on the edge—and we’re guessing she’s going to go way, way over. Could a legit trip to the mental institution be in fallen Queen Victoria’s future?

2. Emily and Ben get together…but his ex-wife comes back looking for trouble. Come on, Revenge. What do you take us for? You don’t drop a tantalizing tidbit about Ben’s nasty ex-wife and then not introduce her. Emily and Ben seem to actually be connecting, and showrunner Sunil Nayar has said that Officer Do-Gooder is here to stay. So we’re guessing his ex isn’t far behind.

3. Jack and Margaux reconnect. Margaux lost her love Daniel to gun-wielding psycho Kate, who Jack happened to be dating. It would be pretty interesting to see them come together over the tragedy, and since Jack has experience raising a baby (or handing them off to off-screen babysitters, at least), perhaps they’ll find their way back to each other. Jack and Margaux were a compelling couple during the first half of Season 3, before the show’s writers abruptly derailed the story, so we can hope!

4. Conrad’s not dead. If poor, bumbling David could cheat death, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to find that (heretofore unseen) Malcolm Black is rehabilitating Conrad somewhere, getting ready to unleash him on the Hamptonites once again. We really miss Henry Czerny and his grandiose, faux-Shakespearean take on the character. At the very least, bringing him back would definitely liven up the dragging Victoria/David story.

5. Nolan finally gets a love interest. We briefly wondered if the show might be pairing the foppish bisexual with crazy southern belle Louise, but it looks like they’re just bosom buddies. She’s mentioned her no-good politician brother Lyman, and we’re guessing Nolan’s going to be turned on by the southern charm, no matter how smarmy or fake it is. The handsome Sebastian Pigott was recently cast in the role, and since there are really no eligible ladies left in the faux-Hamptons, it’s only fair that Nolan have some fun.

What are your predictions for the back half of Season 4? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook and in the comments below! Revenge airs this Sunday, January 4 at 10 p.m. on ABC, so our next Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap will be up on Monday, January 5. Read more Revenge Top 5 lists here.

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