Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap Finale: Season 4, Episode 23: “Two Graves”

Emily retires in the Revenge series finale
Emily retires in the Revenge series finale, Photo: ABC, Comstock, Elizabeth Hachem/Stockbyte, Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Four seasons, tons of takedowns, dozens of deaths and countless Hamptons inaccuracies have led to this moment, folks. Get ready to see how Revenge ends. Who will live? Who will die? Will Courtney Love stay fabulous? Read on to find out…

And now, Revenge, Season 4, Episode 23: “Two Graves.”

Flashback. Little Amanda and David trace the double infinity in the sand. Amanda wants to know why people are bad. David deduces this must be about the plane crash they saw on tv and tells his daughter it’s not so simple—people aren’t born bad, he says.

Back in the present, a detective tells Emily/Amanda that Ben was found dead.

Victoria, dressed as a construction worker/hobo, meets Margaux at the new LeMarchal HQ, which is empty for a few more days. We learn that Margaux called White Gold to intercept Ben, not kill him, and both Victoria and Margaux are sad for what happened. Victoria is done with the bloodshed. She asks about Charlotte and Patrick, and Margaux confirms they agreed to come to Vic’s “funeral.” After lamenting how complex mother/daughter dynamics can be, Victoria drops one more bombshell: The corpse she passed off as her own belonged to her mother, Marion. Victoria tells Margaux that from her deathbed, her mother continued to hurt her by revealing the lecherous child molester who hurt Vic as a teenager…was her own father! After Marion died, Victoria decided to have her mother do something good for once and used her corpse to fake her death. Margaux is not nearly as repulsed by the Flowers in the Attic drama as she should be, but hey, it’s the faux Hamptons.

As the hearing is about to begin, Emily stands and declares she is guilty of murdering Victoria Grayson! Later, David asks Em why she’s pleading guilty, but the visit is cut short when Emily is carted off to jail. Not to worry, back at Casa Ross, Nolan and Jack go over a plan for Emily to go to maximum-security prison…and break out. A convoluted computer hack causes the security system to go haywire at Bedford Correctional Facility, allowing Emily to escape. Nolan and Jack wait out back for her and they take off after Victoria, once and for all.

At Victoria’s funeral, Louise gives a eulogy (after expressing to Margie how awful Patrick and Charlotte are for not showing). In the back of the church, Victoria watches on!

In Jersey, Jack and Emily see a photo of Victoria as a child and realize that Mary Gaines, the corpse, was really Marion Harper. Jack then sees a spot on the floor and they realize Ben was killed there. Nolan calls and says to stay put, since Emily’s escape is trending.

Margaux is livid about Victoria sneaking into the funeral. Victoria feels guilty for stringing Louise along and tells Margie to bring her back to LeMarchal HQ, but Margaux refuses, noting that Emily is on the run and dangerous. Victoria, who was tired of bloodshed just a short time ago, suggests getting White Gold on the job…

Back in Jersey, Jack and Emily have the sex scene we’ve all waited four years to see—in Victoria’s mother’s house, where Ben was skewered. I’ll take it! Later, Emily wakes up and finds a note from Jack saying he went to pick up some food. She goes to the mirror and washes up, then sees a toothbrush with a dentist’s name on it.

Meanwhile, Louise is shocked to see Victoria at LeMarchal HQ. Vic calls her “Poppit,” just like in the season premiere, and Louise calls her “momma.” This can’t end well.

At Nolan’s house, Nolan and David debrief on White Gold, who is apparently a Winter Soldier-level lady assassin. Margaux just wired a check to her. They call Emily, who is in the dentist’s office. She gets the falsified dental records, but they tell her to get back to the house—Jack’s in danger if White Gold is on her way there!

Jack gets back to the house and is ambushed by White Gold. He puts up a fight, but she stabs him. Before she can deliver the fatal blow, SWAT bursts in and saves Jack, but White Gold escapes. At the hospital, Jack is in bad shape. Nolan watches over him, but Emily shows up. She tells Nolan she’s going to kill Victoria and Nolan says he’s going after Margaux and White Gold. Emily warns Nolan not to get into danger, and they don’t even know where to find Margaux and White Gold, but Louise shows up and offers to help.

Cut to Margaux at her office. Her computer begins showing photos of Ben’s corpse with messages like “You did this!” Nolan enters and reads her the riot act. Margaux wants Nolan to understand why she’s done all the terrible things over the course of the season, but he doesn’t want to hear it and tells her she has a decision to make.

Jack wakes up and sees David by his side. He tells David that he wants to marry Emily when this is all over. David gives his blessing. They shake hands.

White Gold enters the closed Beach Club and asks Nolan for a shot of bourbon. He goes to get it for her and she stabs his hand. Before she can do anything else, Nolan tazes her! Margaux rushes in, having helped Nolan, and he tells her to get out before the cops come. But Margaux has decided to take ownership of what she’s done—Daniel told her not to lose her soul, and this is how she saves it.

Louise returns to Victoria and confronts her about her lies and then leaves after Emily appears toting a gun! Victoria tells Emily that if she shoots, video footage will capture it, a la her Conrad takedown. Emily doesn’t care, though, and gets ready to shoot. But just before she pulls the trigger, David sneaks up from behind and shoots Victoria! He won’t let Emily cross a line she can’t come back from (personally I think we’re waaaay past that, but whatevs). He tells her to get out before it’s too late, but another gun goes off—a dying Victoria has shot Emily! As his daughter bleeds out, David calls the police and rushes to her side.

Who lives? Who dies? Read on to find out.

Revenge series finale meme
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Many months later…

Charlotte approaches a grave. She smiles at a very-much alive Emily, who is putting flowers on David’s grave (that’s grave #1). We then flashback to a few months earlier: David, terminally ill, was let off easy for murdering Victoria. He and Emily have a quiet final moment on the porch as the snow falls. David dies peacefully after telling Emily he loves her “to infinity.”

But enough of that. After looking at the Grayson graves (all of them), Charlotte and her sister head to the Beach Club, where Emily gets ready to marry Jack. Nolan and Emily have a last, lovely conversation about how Nolan isn’t sure what he’s going to do without revenge in his life. Emily walks down the aisle, where Jack awaits. Stevie, Charlotte, Louise, Carl and a host of extras are also in attendance. The happy couple marries!

At the reception, Jack mentions those they’ve lost (check IMDB for a full list—I’d be here all night) and Em surprises him with a new puppy. They then sail off into the sunset on the new Amanda, a boat David left to them.

But wait, there’s more! In one final flashback, Charlotte signs off on a heart transplant to save Emily but tells the doctor that her sister must never know Victoria’s heart saved her. Suddenly, Emily awakens on the boat. Jack comforts her—she was just having a bad dream. “I love you, Jack Porter,” she says. “I love you, Amanda Clarke,” he replies.

As Nolan wraps things up at the club, a handsome young man comes to him with a request: His mother was just sent to jail for a crime she didn’t commit, and Emily told him Nolan was just the guy to help. Nolan grins.

The final voiceover from Emily: “When everything you love has been stolen from you, consider my story as you embark on your own journey of revenge. And always remember—what goes around, comes around.”

The end?

Closing Thoughts: Wow! This episode really delivered. Everyone had a relatively satisfying ending, even if Emily did get off a little easy for everything that happened. Oh, and there’s no way that the Charlotte heart transplant moment was a dream—Victoria will never really be out of Emily’s life, and this was a brilliant way of solidifying that.

We’re going to miss you, Revenge! Check back on Thursday for our Best of the Best Revenge Awards.

Who else can’t wait for Carl’s spinoff show?

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