Trump Helps Build the Case that Alec Baldwin Should Run for President

Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump
Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump, Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez, David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock

Amagansett actor and activist Alec Baldwin took another swipe at Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump this week, and Trump paid it no mind—though Trump did retweet a white supremacist Hitler fan this week.

Baldwin tweeted Wednesday, “Trump wants to make the US great again. That can’t happen if he is President.”

As they say, “Them’s fighting words,” but Trump, again, declined to respond to Baldwin. Earlier this month, Baldwin tweeted, “…@realDonaldTrump uses aggression and hyper-confidence to mask an inarticulate message like no other.” Trump never tweeted anything back.

Baldwin’s latest dig at Trump followed two other tweets Wednesday about voting for president.

Twitter user @Perv Griffin told Baldwin, “@ABFalecbaldwin You know the saying; if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.”

Baldwin replied, “I’d run if I could, but I’m too busy chasing my kids…” Baldwin and wife Hilaria have both a toddler and baby at home, leaving little time for him to have any presidential aspirations.

Trump, who typically responds to celebrity critics, was silent.

However, Trump was clearly paying attention to one Twitter follower, a person using the Twitter handle @WhiteGenocideTM and the name “Donald Trumpovitz.” The user’s location is listed as “Jewmerica” and the profile links to a documentary that makes the case that Hitler was great.

@WhiteGenocideTM tweeted at Trump a number of images and memes that are pro-Trump, or at least anti-Bush and anti-Ted Cruz. One image, of Bush holding a “Vote Trump” sign outside of Trumo Tower, caught The Donald’s attention. Trump tweeted the image, quoting @WhiteGenocideTM.

Will this kind of behavior by Trump be just the motivation that Baldwin needs to throw his hat into the ring?

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