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Tracy Anderson Opens Pop-Up Studio at Montauk Yacht Club & Marina

Celebrity trainer and fitness expert Tracy Anderson is coming to Montauk to help you get that beach-bod you’ve been striving for!

Starting Friday, July 1, Anderson will have a pop-up studio at the Montauk Yacht Club & Marina, where she will be giving East End residents the unparalleled fitness methods that Anderson is known for. For eight weeks, Anderson’s pop-up studio will be offering group classes, private training and more.

The Tracy Anderson Method consists of a daily schedule of muscle building and TA VA Latin-inspired cardio dancing, tested and proven to give her clients long, lean muscles. Specialized men’s classes will also be offered, which she claims is ideal for men who strive to add more definition to visible striations in their musculature.

Her studio will also feature a boutique that will offer apparel, nutritional supplements and Anderson’s fitness DVDs for you to get the Tracy Anderson Method from home.

Anderson’s methods have been lauded by several celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr., Jennie Konner and Nicole Richie, successfully transforming their bodies for the red carpet.

Anderson’s pop-up studio will be at the Montauk Yacht Club & Marina, 32 Star Island Road. Group classes cost $45 per class, with walk-ins welcome depending on availability. Additional information on the pop-up studio or the Tracey Anderson Method at or by emailing

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