Kanye West’s Antics Put Dan in Lead for President in 2020

Dan Rattiner Kanye West 2020 presidential campaign
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We all know that in politics things can change in a very short period of time. And that is no more evident than the events of late October and early November 2016. It was obvious that the public announcements FBI Director James Comey made in the days and weeks leading up to the election wounded the “Stronger Together” movement of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Scores of WikiLeaks emails only added fuel to the fire. Ultimately, these bombshells helped vault Donald Trump to the victory stage.

Dan Rattiner, the Founder of Dan’s Papers elected not to run for President in 2016 and instead announced his candidacy for the 2020 cycle. He sensed he would have a better chance in that year versus what proved to be a highly competitive and combative 2016. And that was probably a canny move. Despite this, in an effort to remain front and center in the minds of constituents, he published his platform, answered questions and commenced the process of raising the needed capital to finance this future campaign. It is reasonable to hypothesize that President-elect Trump, with his polarizing personality, may be a one-term president, which would certainly open the door for Rattiner.

As early as last month, it appeared the only obstacle standing in Rattiner’s way to the Oval Office in 2020 was Kanye West. Wikipedia cites both Rattiner and West as seeking the presidency in 2020. With the mass following of Kanye, “also known as Yeezus,” it is only natural to expect that he was the frontrunner in the race.

But now, in the blink of an eye—four years early—a November surprise.

Kanye has recently been hospitalized for what appears to be some type of physical and mental breakdown. TMZ and numerous media outlets have referred to the event as a psychiatric emergency. It was widely reported that this included Yeezus being handcuffed to a stretcher and being transported to the UCLA Medical Center. This was preceded by some odd behavior in the previous days.

Just minutes into a recent concert in Sacramento California, the rapper conducted a stage rant that included calling out Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who are both respected and have ties to the Hamptons. He followed with a shout out to none other than Trump. Then Kanye simply walked off the stage.

In a matter of hours, all future dates for his Saint Pablo Tour were cancelled.

In defense of West, sources say he has been under a lot of stress recently. This includes his wife being held at gunpoint, bound and robbed in Paris. And the bandits are reported to have gotten away with millions in jewelry, some of which Kanye bought for her. I can’t help but think these recent events, coupled with pictures of him being carted off like a common street bum, have created a scenario by which Kanye is no longer the clear favorite for 2020.

We all know that things can change. But as of now, if things stay the way they are, I would expect we’ll be saying “President-elect Rattiner.”


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