Our East End Experts Shed Light on Window Treatments, Shutters & More

Photo of the upper half of a light green colonial style home.
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After an unseasonably warm winter, spring is almost upon us on the East End. Our experts in window design want to give you some useful tips and suggestions for the coming months.

Colleen Murdock of Shuttercraft talks about the beauty and history of wood shutters:
Exterior wood shutters were the first storm windows and were closed to protect the home during strong winds and weather. Today, homeowners are looking to revive the authentic feel of older homes and traditional shutter styles on colonials, Victorians, revivals and more, and vinyl shutters don’t cut it. Shuttercraft makes all shutters to order, so they are sized correctly for the windows they reflect and mounted in a functional manner, even if the goal is only decorative. More and more people are actually closing their shutters as storms approach and in some locations, shutters are needed to satisfy insurance guidelines.

Many older homes have original wood shutters that are still in good condition, and Shuttercraft will help match the shutter profile to help replace those that have expired. Some of the most interesting shutters have clever cutout patterns and unique mounting hardware. We have resources for most any shutter hinge and holdback type. Traditional styles include fixed louvers, moveable louvers, raised and flat panels, board and batten, v-groove and more, including custom arches for curved windows.

Interior shutters, rather than drapes or curtains, are also more popular now, with modern dusting tools available and no dry cleaning! Whether wide plantation louvers, traditional bifolds or classic colonial panels, shutters provide an alternative window treatment that results in a clean, crisp appearance. When dressing up your home or castle, real wood shutters are beautiful and can make all the difference.

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Tom and Susan Ferrara of Wondrous Window Designs (WWD) want readers to know about window treatments, the importance of maintenance and East End trends:
There is no national “clean your window treatment day,” but if there was, we would say in spring and fall a light dusting with a gentle vacuum, or when you will be cleaning your windows.

There are a multitude of options when it comes to window treatments helping to reduce the cost of energy and keeping you and your loved ones cool and cozy.

In today’s energy saving–conscious world, more and more upscale residences are installing window film. Not only does window film prevent the dangerous and cancer-causing UV light by 99% without losing visible light and vision, it also reduces glare and solar absorption, helping in the summer months by keeping energy costs down while also protecting your home from the sun’s damaging glare that causes fading on furniture and artwork.

When you add solar, blackout shades, or lined Roman shades, if you opt for a little more color and fabric choice, it will help keep your home even cooler and more energy-efficient.

Finally, an unlined drapery, either on a motorized track or manual, can enhance your home, being as decorative or as plain as you choose.

More and more upscale residents on the East End are making their homes smart homes, intergrading their window treatments and motorizing them to work with voice control systems such as Alexa. At WWD we see a trend of flowing sheer fabric operating draperies, again operating with a remote or by smart phones, and of course voice systems. Trending are motorized shades of all types—solar, blackout and fabric Roman shades—especially sheer fabric motorized Roman shades.

Window treatments are not only energy-efficient, but they can change a room from “Blah” to “Ahh!” Integrating your window treatments to be part of your smart home not only brings your home to “ahh,” it does so with a voice command or a touch of a button. Window treatments are the finishing touch to every beautiful home.

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