‘Summer House’ Star Carl Radke Talks Sobriety and Losing His Brother

Carl Radke of Summer House
Carl Radke of Summer House
Steven Ferdman

Summer House star Carl Radke talked about his sobriety on the reunion episode of the latest season of Summer House.

Page Six reports that the star said, “I feel really good. I mean, five years on TV, you guys have seen me up and down, but I think where I’m sitting now is the best place I’ve ever been, so I’m happy to be here.” Radke revealed that he was 92 days sober at the time of filming the reunion.

Radke continued, “I reflect a lot on what happened last summer, but it’s put a lot in perspective for me personally. It’s a wake-up call. This was a path my brother went down, and clearly the path I’ve been choosing can sometimes lead me down that way. I can’t live like that.” Radke’s brother, Curtis, died in August 2020 while Season 5 of the series was being filmed.

Bravo’s Summer House is a reality show following a group of successful young professionals who summer in the Hamptons. The show has been a big hit with fans.

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