7 Surprising Products to Shop at the Hampton Classic

The horses and riders of the Hampton Classic may take center year after year, but the Classic simply wouldn’t be the same without its boutique shopping experience. If you’re looking for Hampton Classic logo tees or equestrian fashion, you know the shops have you covered, but so many more treasures await those who take the time to look for them. Here are seven surprising products you can buy at Hampton Classic 2021 this weekend.

Bigeye Binoculars
David Taylor

1. Bigeye Binoculars by Luxx Optica

When you first begin perusing this year’s shopping courtyard, the first item to catch your eye will likely look like a shiny metal telescope but upon further inspection, it’s actually luxury binoculars on a tripod. With magnification upwards of 15 times normal eyesight, the Bigeye offers a whopping 315-foot field of view at 1,000 yards. With one of these in tow, you can finally observe the protected piping plovers up close — from the other side of the beach. luxxoptica.com

Sun hoodies
David Taylor

2. Sun Hoodie by Montauk Tackle Co.

Speaking of the beach, us island folk are keen to the damage the sun’s rays can cause to skin, so our two options are to either slather each other in sunscreen or throw on a comfy Sun Hoodie made with 50+UPF recycled sustainable fabrics. Few things are as “Hamptons” as stocking your family up on beachwear at one the most prestigious horse shows in the country. montauktackle.com

The Reversible Carryalls at the Hampton Classic
The Reversible Carryalls
David Taylor

3. The Reversible Carryall by goldno.8

So you’ve stocked up on hoodies and Hampton Classic tees and are stuck lugging around a big, ugly shopping bag — well, lucky for you, your new favorite bag is only a few steps away. With both a reversible bag and straps, this carryall can be whatever your outfit needs it to be, and with plenty of space for your laptop and shoes. How will you design your dream bag? goldno8.com

Matching poo caddies, collars, harnesses and leashes
David Taylor

4. Poo Caddy by Bibi’s Boutique Palm Beach

While we’re on the topic of customizability, it’s time to throw out whatever you or your dog walker has been using to carry your pup’s clean poo bags and upgrade to canine couture. Treat your prized pet to a matching set comprising a harness, collar, leash and poo caddy, or mix and match to create a unique look that’ll give the neighborhood dogs something to howl at. This is the only boutique on the list outside of the main courtyard, so you’ll have to head to the rings past the Joey Wölffer shop to find it. shopbibi.com

Beaded leather sandals
David Taylor

5. Beaded Leather Sandals by Global Girls

It’s a sad truth in fashion that many of the luxury labels have their high-end products made for pennies in China. Global Girls sandals, however, are proudly handcrafted in Kenya by skilled women artisans paid fair-trade wages. So not only do those who shop the boutique leave with a super chic sandal, they also leave with peace of mind in knowing that they’re supporting 150 talented shoemakers, not a mega corporation seeking to exploit them. shopglobalgirls.com

The tobacco black cherry soy candle
David Taylor

6. Soy Candles by Ebb & Flow

This next product could earn a spot on this list based on its darling (and award-winning) packaging alone, but what’s in the box is just as nice as the box itself. The scents of the candles range in their subtlety and strength, but all offer an intoxicating bouquet that can burn for 65 hours. The holder is made of hand-blown glass and can easily be reused once the candle has burned up. The Brooklyn-based boutique also offers delightful room sprays, bar soaps and much more. ebbandflownyc.com

Quite the fabulous hat, sold by Marders at the Hampton Classic
Quite the fabulous hat, sold by Marders David Taylor

7. Kentucky Derby Hats by Marders

The Hampton Classic Grand Prix takes place on Sunday, September 5, and after that, there’s a long waiting period until the next major equestrian event — the Kentucky Derby in May. But don’t wait until then to pick out your head-turning hat. The Marders boutique has a fun, imaginative selection of fabulous hats that are perfect for Derby parties or any event where you’re looking to be the center of attention. All eyes on you, dahling! marders.com

For more information about the Hampton Classic, visit hamptonclassic.com.

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