Something to Wine About: Lenz 2020 Firefly Rosé

Lenz 2020 Firefly Rosé
Lenz 2020 Firefly Rosé

If the sudden warm weather has you looking for a rosé to ease your transition from winter into spring, look no further than the Lenz 2020 Firefly Rosé. This is an unapologetically bold rosé. Everything about this wine, from its deep pink color, described on the Lenz Winery tasting notes as crimson, to its lusciously fruit-forward palate, is decidedly assertive. The nose has lovely strawberry notes, the palate is full of ripe strawberries, raspberries, cherry and hints of baking spice.

This is most definitely a dry wine with the alcohol content coming in at 12.5%. However, its wonderfully juicy flavors might have some palates believing it’s semi-dry. Because of this trait, it’s probably one of the most crowd-pleasing rosés you’ll find. If you have friends who prefer sweet semi-sweet, or semi-dry wines Firefly Rosé might be that special wine that pulls them over to the dry side.

While this wine pairs well with fruits, salads and fish, like salmon, it’s also dynamic enough to sip with barbecue, and can easily stand up to steak.

The Lenz 2020 Firefly Rosé is produced as a blend of the five noble grapes: cabernet sauvignon 35%, malbec 25%, merlot 30%, cabernet Franc 5% and petit verdot 5%. While these are the grapes used to produce Bordeaux-style wines, this wine is much richer and possesses far more depth than your average pale pink Bordeaux rosé. The wine is fermented over four to six months, completely within stainless steel.

Though many things about this wine are surprising, the most surprising of all is the price. It retails for only $20, making it the perfect rosé to stock up on now as a go-to for picnics, parties, barbecues and summer concerts.

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