‘Andy Warhol’ Doc Screens Beyond 15 Minutes at Sag Harbor Cinema

"Warhol" doc co-producer Vincent Fremont
“Warhol” doc co-producer Vincent Fremont
Bill McCuddy

Sag Harbor Cinema hosted a special screening of the 1973 documentary Andy Warhol on Monday, June 6 followed by a conversation with director Lana Jokel and several of Warhol’s friends.

A post-screening rooftop reception had many remembering the artist, his legendary Factory and time the Interview magazine publisher spent in the Hamptons, specifically Montauk where he owned “Eothen,” his sprawling home and compound atop the bluffs.

Bill Boggs, producer Jerome Gary, PR maven Peggy Siegal and bon vivant Roger Smith
Bill Boggs, producer Jerome Gary, PR maven Peggy Siegal and bon vivant Roger SmithBill McCuddy

Along with Jokel and Vincent Fremont — who was executive studio manager of Warhol’s Factory, co-founder of the Warhol Foundation and the artist’s right hand man — notable guests included broadcaster Bill Boggs and Lady Jane Rothchild, producer Jerome Gary (Pumping Iron), PR giant Peggy Siegal, Susan Burnside and Roger Smith.

“I had one of his original Campbell’s Soup Cans,” revealed Smith, a Criterion Collection film founder. “I won’t tell you what I sold it for, but it was too soon. Way too soon.”

Lady Jane Rothchild and Susie Burnside
Lady Jane Rothchild and Susie BurnsideBill McCuddy

Warhol’s 1964 “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” silkscreen portrait of Marilyn Monroe sold for a record-breaking $195 million at auction via Christie’s on May 9 in NYC. His former estate in Montauk — where he entertained the Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Jackie Kennedy and many others — sold for $48.7 million in 2015.

Too soon indeed.

You can watch Jokel’s entire 1973 Andy Warhol doc here.

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