Disset Honors Region with New 2022 Ode to the North Fork Chocolate Collection

The Disset Ode to the North Fork chocolate collection comes with a limited edition North Fork map designed by young artist Ella Glover
The Disset Ode to the North Fork chocolate collection comes with a limited edition North Fork map designed by young artist Ella Glover
Courtesy Disset Chocolate

It’s a box of chocolate that gives the North Fork credit where it’s due; whether it’s honoring this part of the island’s artistic minds, culinary specialties or even the local booze capability. The 2022 Ode to the North Fork bonbon collection from Disset Chocolate is a way to show love for the community where this handcrafted chocolate is made.

“Disset Chocolate is an artisanal chocolate company where we handmake everything right here on the North Fork of Long Island,” says Ursula XVII, the chocolatier from Barcelona, Spain who founded Disset Chocolate. “We have a storefront in Cutchogue on the Main Road as well. Basically, we like to say that we are farm to bonbon in a lot of aspects, from purveyor to chocolate, as much as we can. We pride ourselves on being local and sustainable.”

Even the cacao — which very often comes from an industry known for child labor and forced labor, according to humantraffickingsource.org — is responsibly traded and sourced.

“If we could get cacao from the North Fork, we would,” Ursula says. “But since we can’t, we at least make sure that we’re getting it from responsible farms that pay their employees as much.”

All around, Ursula says, Disset is a chocolate brand here on the North Fork that customers can feel good purchasing, and can enjoy the taste of it too, with flavors ranging from the traditional dark chocolate for the purist, to the more “fun” flavors.

“And a big example of that is our Ode to the North Fork collection,” Ursula says.

Ursula XVII, founder of Disset Chocolate
Ursula XVII, founder of Disset ChocolateCredit: PRNewswire

Disset 2022 Ode to the North Fork Flavors

The bonbons found in this special box of chocolate include:

Blood Orange Aperitivo: Dark chocolate ganache infused with Matchbook Distilling Co. Elsewhere Blood Orange Aperitivo liqueur, filled with candied orange peels.

Goat Cheese: Catapano Dairy goat cheese and caramelized white chocolate ganache in dark chocolate shell.

Potato Chips: North Fork Chips praline.

Bagel: Featuring everything bagel with cream cheese flavors from The Eccentric Bagel.

Lemon Confit: Noah’s lemon confit caramel ganache in a bitter dark chocolate.

Heart “Beet”: The Giving Room’s Heart Beet juice (beet, carrot, lemon, red apple), vegan ganache.

Honey Butter Biscuit: Biscuit praline with honey butter and chunks of Main Road Biscuit Co. signature biscuits.

English Butter Toffee: Matching Magic Fountain’s traditional English butter toffee with salted caramel over English butter toffee white chocolate ganache and a Heath toffee presse.

The unique collection not only features North Fork flavors, it also features local creativity.

Mattituck-Cutchogue Jr/Sr High School student Ella Glover created the Disset 2022 Ode to the North Fork artwork
Mattituck-Cutchogue Jr/Sr High School student Ella Glover created the Disset 2022 Ode to the North Fork artworkCourtesy Disset Chocolate

Disset 2022 Ode to the North Fork Art

“Basically, in our Ode to the North Fork collection, our ninth collaborator is always an artist,” Ursula says. “When we were trying to figure who we wanted our artist collaborator to be, we thought we would reach out to an art teacher at Mattituck High (School), and she gathered the art club all the way from junior high to senior year in high school.”

Ursula held a workshop for the students, eventually giving them the chance to collaborate with the brand by creating the map on the box.

Disset used a map by student Ella Glover in the Mattituck-Cutchogue High School Art Department contest, which encouraged the students to create a map with their favorite art form.

The map points out where each of the local artisans featured in the bonbons is located on the North Fork. Disset’s followers on Instagram voted for their favorite map that would be displayed on the box.

“(She’s) an amazing, amazing artist,” Ursula says. “If I’m not mistaken, she got into every art school she applied to this year … She’s really into animals, saving the Earth and bringing attention and awareness to some of the extinct creatures on the planet.”

The goal of this ongoing project, Ursula says, is to give a “thank you” to this community, and to not only highlight what Disset does, but also bring attention to various establishments that helps create the North Fork’s uniqueness.

“What really inspires us to bring the kids into the picture, is really that there’s a whole community that we don’t even think of yet,” Ursula says. “Some might end up being business owners soon … We really wanted to bring in the children of our community, and we found out there’s a really amazing art program over there in Mattituck.”

The collection can be found for $49 at Atelier Disset Chocolate in Cutchogue (28080 Main Road).

“It’s been really popular,” Ursula says. “People have already been coming in this first week that it’s been live. We’ve already had some overnight shipments to other states in the West Coast. It’s something that people look forward to, and it’s a piece of home you can send to people. People are always excited, and even in the weeks leading up to it, people try to guess who is going to be in this next box.”

To learn more about Disset Chocolate, visit dissetchocolate.com.

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