Palm Beach Is the Place to Be This Summer

Aerial view of Peanut Island in Riviera Beach, Florida on memorial day weekend. Clear skies and blue water with plenty of boaters palm beach
Clear skies and blue water with plenty of boaters
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“Summertime time, and the living is easy” is so very true in Palm Beach. While over the years people have asked me “How can you be in Florida in the summer? It’s way too hot!” Well, guess what? I’m about to tell you a very well-kept secret that those of us in the know have been quiet about for years, if not decades!

Palm Beach, in the summer, is blessed with a constant breeze off the ocean, crystal blue still (and warm) ocean waters and a decidedly quieter town. In the past many of the shops on the island would close and pull down the hurricane shutters while decamping to the Hamptons or Aspen, but now everything is open and ready for those who are in the know.

The restaurants, while busy, are much more casual and getting a reservation, simple. The Breakers and Colony continue to have wonderful specials, the theaters are producing fantastic shows and just about everything else is as you’d see during the season.

Our little slice of paradise, with those of us who live here full time, except for the little trips here and there, are seeing our neighbors more often and watching from afar other places where that are very, very busy.

And what about hurricanes? Well, the truth be told, you know way in advance if or when they are coming. Two summers ago, all the reports said Palm Beach was in the path for a direct category 5 hit. A dear friend of mine, also a full time resident and pilot for American Airlines, had inside information that the storm would pass, and it did.

As our wonderful women and men of the Palm Beach Police Department, who in my opinion are second to none, closed down the island to only those who were residents, it created an opportunity for many of us to come together to prepare for a storm but also get to know our neighbors even better.

And what about outdoor activities in the summer? We are a golfer’s paradise with open tee times, wind surfing paradise, lots of available times on the tennis courts and exciting rounds of pickle ball (all the new rage, of course) just for the asking.

So, why not take a well needed respite from the madding crowds in the Northeast and see what a real summer break is all about? Our hotels, restaurants, retailers and everyone else is ready to welcome you. And trust me, it’s a good thing, but don’t tell anyone!

Doug Evans is president and CEO of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce,