Top 5 Superhero Alter Egos on Revenge

Nolan as his Revenge Superhero alter ego Dash Digit
Nolan as his Revenge Superhero alter ego Dash Digit, Photo: ABC, stevanovicigor/iStock/Thinkstock

Emily channeled her inner superhero in last week’s Revenge, calling herself “Lady Justice” as she took down crooked Judge Knowles. Since the show has always relied on the hero vs. villain trope—Conrad and Malcolm Black would be right at home in a Marvel comic—we thought it’d be fun to create super identities for some other characters.

As Nolan said to Louise, “We’re kind of like superheroes…”

Victoria Grayson, aka Medusa Woman (not to be confused with Marvel’s Queen Medusa)
With her chilling stare, Victoria has silenced countless wannabe socialites and interlopers over the years. And as her prolific family fell Greek Tragedy-style, a persona inspired by the Greek Gorgon, Medusa, seems especially fitting.

Powers: Turns people to stone with her gaze; summons snakes from her hair

Nolan Ross, aka Dash Digit
Nolan’s basically a tech-powered superhero already. He uses drinkable nanites to track people, pulls holograms from computers, hacks into government websites with the click of a button and a host of other sci-fi tech and techniques. As Dash Digit, Nolan could deploy his amazing computer and technology skills to defeat evil—and look absolutely fabulous while doing so.

Powers: Anything tech-related, including stuff decades from being possible

Jack Porter, aka Blue Collar
An all-American boy with rugged good looks and an earnest work ethic, Jack wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s proven time and again to be a very human hero, so Blue Collar will represent the working class, saving the day with his super strength, traditional values and a penchant for doing anything to help his slightly more corrupt (understatement?) comrades. He will most certainly team up with Dash Digit and Lady Justice to take down Medusa Woman.

Powers: Super strength, strong and slightly flexible morals

David Clarke, aka Mister Lazarus
Is David a hero or villain? This morally compromised man literally came back from the dead, with his inner rage constantly fighting his compassionate soul. Mister Lazarus is very much a hero of the last generation, reluctantly fighting alongside his daughter, Lady Justice, and her teammates.

Powers: Martyrdom, rage that gives him super strength, healing factor, immortality (given time)

Carl Porter as Deus Ex Machina (not to be confused with the comic Ex Machina)
Daddy Jack may leave him at daycare, but once he’s gone, Carl transforms into Deus Ex Machina, secretly getting the other heroes out of sticky situations. Whenever our super do-gooders miraculously get out of trouble (which is basically every episode), there’s a good chance this baby boy wonder had something to do with it.

Powers: Untold and limitless—he’s the ultimate performer

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