Stolen Egg Salad Recipe Still Missing, Case Goes Cold

Police are asking locals to report all fabulous egg salad to the authorities
Police are asking locals to report all fabulous egg salad to the authorities, Photo: HandmadePictures/iStock/Thinkstock

Hamptons Police officially called off the active investigation into reality tv star Sergio Eisalat’s missing egg salad recipe last week.

The police had continued the search for the recipe—which Eisalat reported missing from his Hamptons rental last summer—through the winter and into the spring, but had made little progress in locating it or finding any evidence as to its whereabouts.

“We have pursued every lead,”police spokesman Larry Hirsch said, “and at one time we were hopeful of success. But the trail went cold.”

Theories abound as to where the recipe could have wound up. There are some, including Eisalat himself, who believe his recipe, which he calls “the best egg salad recipe in the world,” was stolen by the federal government for use in high stakes negotiations with Iran, but Hirsch dismisses such speculation as “internet hysteria.”

Police are asking anyone who tries a “mind-blowing egg salad” in the Hamptons to please report the maker of said salad to the authorities.

Unrelated to his egg salad recipe, back in September of 2014, Eisalat and his girlfriend, German supermodel Fricka Gürken, were arrested after attacking a man driving a golf cart. While out cruising in Eisalat’s mini Shriner cars, Gürken collided with a golf cart as she attempted to take a shortcut through the private High Jinx golf course in North Sea. An enraged Eisalat began beating the golf cart driver about the head with a 9-iron while Gürken held the man down. The reality star is still negotiating a settlement with his victim.

Meanwhile, Gürken is apparently shacking up with Hamptons billionaire Derwood Hodgegrass‘s pal Nisan Täuschen, the Hungarian artist behind “Walking Dan” and other masterpieces.

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