Hamptons Subway Newsletter: Week of May 8–14, 2019

Hamptons Subway's new push bar-less turnstile
Hamptons Subway’s new push bar-less turnstile, Photo: Walter Cicchetti/123RF

Week of May 8–14, 2019
Riders this past week: 41,356
Rider miles this past week: 105,741

Debbie Harry was seen riding the subway from Westhampton Beach to Quogue on Thursday listening to music on headphones. Paul McCartney of The Beatles was seen riding from Amagansett to East Hampton last Friday afternoon listening to music on headphones. Sportswriter Ann Liguori was traveling from Eastport to Westhampton Beach on Monday afternoon carrying a bag of golf clubs but was not wearing head phones.

During May, all those riding the Hamptons Subway buying a swipe card at the token booth will be lent a free plug-in phone charger for their cellphones while on the subway system. They get signed for when lent out and they must be dropped off at the destination token booth when leaving the train. All phone chargers are equipped with tracker software so those taking the escalators up to the street will get arrested, eventually, so it is important to remember to return them before you leave. The AC wall sockets on the subway cars, a new free perk for customers, should be installed by the end of October, the installers tell us.

Riding the subway in a bathing suit in the summertime without a coverup is against subway rules, but two large changing rooms have each been installed at the Coopers Beach, East Hampton’s Main Beach, Kirk Beach, Lashley’s Beach and Atlantic Avenue Beach platforms for use when those stations open for the summer on Memorial Day, one for those who identify as women and the other for those that identify as men.

As tokens are no longer used to go through the turnstiles, questions have been asked about having the words “Token Booth” on signs above the little booths on the platforms where swipe cards are sold. The term Swipe Booth has been proposed. We await public input. But the word replacing “Token” on the sign will only fit if it has the same number of letters. The change is in hurry-up mode since we learned that in certain circumstances, the word “token” can be used in a racial or anti-semitic way. We take these charges seriously and will not permit inappropriate words anywhere on the Humptown Subway system.

Hamptons Subway experienced its first delay as a result of surfboards getting sideways and blocking the sliding doors. It happened at the Ditch Plains platform in Montauk last Sunday afternoon. There were no injuries. We allow surfboards on the trains and will continue to do so.

Riders should not be alarmed when they do not see the push bars on certain subway turnstiles during the month of May. Hamptons Subway has hired a consulting firm to recommend a more modern way of going through turnstiles other than pushing a bar. (Considered unsanitary and, by some, offensive.) Officials of the firm are monitoring riders going through a laser beam or a puff of smoke turnstile to observe reactions. Proposed solutions will follow.

Hampton Subways has now installed electrified signs overhead at all platforms informing customers of the current temperature above each station at ground level between Montauk and Westhampton. The temperature indicator is refreshed every thirty seconds. This service is free and has been installed as a result of ideas suggested by riders using the suggestion boxes on the platforms. Being underground for a time, riders cannot know what the temperature might be up above. Now they will know. And we pride ourselves on accuracy.


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