Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s Pumpkins Stolen

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker
Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, Photo: Owen Hoffmann/PMC

“At some point between the hours of 9:30 last night and the break of dawn this morning, all of our pumpkins were stolen, as were all the other pumpkins on our block. It is officially the Halloween Heist of 2019. My husband stated, ‘decency is dead.’ But we salvage the intended carving, we will find some last-minute pumpkins and we will hope this case does not remain cold.”

No, this is not the opening voice-over of a misguided gritty New York crime drama, but rather a  tongue-in-cheek message from Hamptonite Sarah Jessica Parker on her Instagram page. Parker posted a video on Halloween showing her and husband Matthew Broderick’s empty stoop after their pumpkins went missing and wrote, “APB out for our beautiful pumpkins, carefully chosen and lugged all the way home from the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Distinguishing features- round and orange. Various sizes. Not yet carved.”

Clearly, Parker was disappointed that her pumpkins were stolen but acknowledged the silliness of the situation. But the story has a happy ending. Later in the day, Parker posted another video of her stoop filled with new pumpkins gifted from fans and said, “Oh my gosh, look! Somebody left us pumpkins. Oh my goodness. All right, I’m running to a parent/teacher conference, but you sweet, kind, thoughtful, very dear people—Betsy and Rachel, and I’m hiding the account of the other people, you know you are—I’m so touched. That was so lovely and unnecessary, but deeply appreciated. Oh my gosh. Decency is alive and well. Oh, I feel whole again. Thank you so much!”


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Humankind… You know who you are…. On behalf of my daughters who felt most aggrieved but all of us, thank you. X, SJ

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It was a Halloween miracle.

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