ARF Tells 17-Year-Old Cat Todd’s Joyful Adoption Story

Continuing their “Happy Tails: Life-saving Stories of Hope” video series this week, Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, aka ARF, shared a new heartwarming rescue and adoption story, this one about Todd, a 17-year-old cat who was brought to ARF after his owner died, leaving him without a home and very ill at age 15.

After making it into ARF, Todd was diagnosed with diabetes, kidney disease and hyperthyroidism — “he had the ultimate senior cat trifecta,” ARF Medical Director Dr. Christine Asaro says in the video. At his advanced age, and with so many health problems, a cat like Todd could have easily been euthanized or at least no been offered for adoption, had he not made it to ARF. With the help of donations, the team at ARF addressed Todd’s problems and got him well enough to find a forever home.

“For many owners the expense of that would be overwhelming, but ARF didn’t see it as making Todd un-adoptable,” ARF executive director and CEO Scott Howe says before the video introduces the cat’s new owners, Eveline and Gregory Calvino.

“I think it’s amazing that ARF will keep these cats with a lot of medical needs, and they’ll keep them until — the rest of their lives if they have to — or until they find a home,” Eveline, who is a veterinarian, says.

Todd was given a fresh lease on life at his new home with the Calvinos, and he’s never been better. Now 17 years old, he’s full of energy and joy, and he’s as playful as a kitten. “He would say thank you if he could,” Gregory says of Todd.

Senior cats and animals with special medical needs are often overlooked in shelters. And as Todd demonstrates, they can make wonderful pets.

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