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Let Me Tell You A Story: Power Up Your Presentation Through The Art of Story

May 11, 7 pm9 pm.


n today’s world, with so many competing demands for attention, the art and skill to deliver a compelling story is even more essential. When we engage emotion, imagination and the cognitive brain through a well-crafted narrative, listeners are more absorbed and information shared is more likely to be remembered.

This class will focus on the use of stories to maximize the message in a presentation or workshop. Grounded in research into what makes storytelling effective for communicating about difficult issues, we will look at techniques for engaging a listener, story structure for organizing the details of an experience into a compelling narrative, use of metaphor and ways to embed information into a story that helps the listener process it.

We will do some creative exercises for discovering the story in the ordinary moments of life, and ideas for how to discover the extraordinary experiences we all have had if we look at our lives through the storytellers’ lens. Utilizing the art as well as the science of what makes information “stick” this workshop provides tools and knowledge that can be deployed in professional talks and presentations and build confidence that is empowering.

Instructor: Jude Treder-Wolff is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Group Psychotherapist, and Certified Practitioner of Applied Improvisation, writer/performer, host of (mostly) TRUE THINGS and Totally True Things Storytelling shows, as well as presidence of Lifestage, which produces them. She has been featured on storytelling show around the country, including PBS From The Stage, RISK! live show and podcast, Story District in Washington, DC, Ex Fabula in Milwaukee (All-Star winner) and shows in NYC, including Mistakes Were Made, New York Story Exchange, The Armando Diaz Eperiences, among many others. her solo show This Isn’t Helping was featured at the off-Broadway Connelly Theater, the 2018 White Solo Theater Festival in Sherman Oaks, CA, The Examined Life Conference at Carver College of Medicine in Iowa City, IA, The Tank in NYC, The Arts In Health Care conference at NYU and others around the country. She is published in the International Journal of Arts In Psychotherapy, Music Therapy Perspectives, Recovery Press and writes for medium.com. She has been interviewed for articles that appeared in NBC News, VICE, Bustle, LI Pulse, Chicago Tribute, Newsday, LA Times, Orlando Sentinel, and others.

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