Marissa Drago on Main Road Biscuit Co.’s Comforting Cuisine

Marissa Drago, Photo: Barbara Lassen
Marissa Drago, Photo: Barbara Lassen

Marissa Drago, owner of Main Road Biscuit Co., knows the appeal of comfort food during the colder months. Main Road Biscuit Co., with their buttermilk-drenched offering of sweet and savory goodness, has become a North Fork staple. Drago will bring her comforting culinary cuisine to Dan’s Holidays in the Vines hosted by RG|NY on Saturday, November 30.

What is the one food or dish that defines the holiday season for you?
When we think of this time of year, we think about those things that give us a sense of connection, a comfort and warmth that we wait for all year. There are a few items we only produce this time of year that truly earmark the holidays at The Biscuit. For starters, cookies—no surprise there! At the restaurant, we love decorating sugar cookies and making our peppermint white chocolate bars—buttery, crispy perfection. Our pecan, oat, buttermilk and chocolate brownie pies are staples to our guests either for topping off their home-cooked holiday meals or as host gifts. We also have our sipping chocolate with housemade marshmallows—there’s simply nothing like it. Our cran-vanilla jam has become a guest favorite when the temps start to drop. And our chicken pot pie with biscuit crust…if that’s not a cozy blanket, we don’t know what is!

How do you enjoy the fall and winter season when you’re not in the kitchen?
We travel to see family, old friends and for inspiration.

What is the secret to creating the perfect food-and-wine pairing?
The saying “What grows together goes together” is generally true. And a simple rule is, you really don’t want to overpower one with the other. But what’s more important is always eating and drinking what makes you happy. Life is now!

What goes into creating your fall and winter menus for the restaurant?
At this stage of our restaurant’s growth, we know who our guests are, what they truly enjoy and why they come to us. Comfort foods are brought to the forefront during the colder months and we are so grateful that our guests rely on us for this cuisine.

What do you love about the cooler-weather seasons and the holiday time of year here on the East End?
There’s a unique feeling on the North Fork when the trees are bare, the beaches are still and the birds have flown to warmer temps. It becomes a calm, quiet respite, simply presenting itself in its own bare beauty. It’s a special place this time of year.

What is your favorite holiday movie or TV special, and why?
Confession: The Holiday. And A Charlie Brown Christmas. And darn, Netflix got us with Christmas Chronicles.

What is the best kind of holiday cookie?
Aside from all the ones we make at the restaurant? Anything someone’s grandma made.

You have a glass of your favorite wine in-hand. What is your toast for the holiday season and the new year?
To more gratitude in 2020!

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