A Perfect After Thanksgiving Show at Van de Bovenkamp Studio

"Deer Heart" by Beth O'Donnell
“Deer Heart” by Beth O’Donnell

Sagaponack artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp is opening his studio for another new group exhibition, Color, Inspiration and Process, starting with a special artists reception next Saturday, November 26 from 3–6 p.m. and continuing by appointment through December 6.

Curated and organized by Geralyne Lewandowski, the exhibition will include Van de Bovenkamp’s work along exciting pieces by three guest artists from the East End: Anahi DeCanio, Christine Matthäi and Beth O’Donnell.

“My focus this time was going to be people who connect with architects and interior designers, and all of these three artists, their biggest market is in this area,” explains Lewandowski, who local art lovers might know from her series of “Art Groove” shows over the last decade at Ashawagh Hall in Springs.

She also reached out to artist Jeff Muhs, but he was not available, so it became an all-women show (besides Van de Bovenkamp) instead. Besides being women and connecting with architects and designers, the three artists present richly layered mixed media paintings.

Art by Anahi DeCanio
Art by Anahi DeCanio

DeCanio’s work draws inspiration from nature as well as urban landscapes as she explores the juxtaposition of feminine energy with graffiti-like textures, patina and text.

O’Donnell blends a variety of techniques such as pigmented encaustic wax on Japanese gampi rice paper, photography, stencil and mixed media collage for bold yet nuanced results.

"Forming Movement" or "How the Sun Was Made" by Christine Matthäi
“Forming Movement” or “How the Sun Was Made” by Christine Matthäi

Matthäi, whose work is quite visually separate from the other two, paints as a form of meditation, often combining spiritual influences with natural beauty, skillfully capturing the essence of light and water.

Van de Bovenkamp, of course, is known for his abstract metal sculptures, which are on view throughout his studio and the surrounding 7-acre property, but he’s focusing on painted and drawn works on paper for this show, including colorful portraits. Lewandowski hopes he will also display some early works on paper in this exhibition.

"Bluebirds" by Hans Van de Bovenkamp
“Bluebirds” by Hans Van de Bovenkamp

“When you go there it’s just going to be amazing,” she says, noting that the first Gallery @ Hans Van de Bovenkamp Studio group show was a huge hit in August.

“It was so successful the first time that Hans really wants to do it again,” Lewandowski continues, recalling the August show. “The turnout was amazing and we raised a lot of money for Maureen’s Haven.

“The concept here is to get different artists and everybody working together, and also to get a nonprofit,” she says.

Every artist sold work in the last show, and they raised about $5,000 in donations for Maureen’s Haven, a homeless shelter and outreach organization in Riverhead. This time, the exhibition sales will benefit the Ellen Hermanson Foundation, which supports the fight against breast cancer and supports women suffering with the disease, raising money each year with the popular Ellen’s Run 5K race in Southampton.

Art by Anahi DeCanio
Art by Anahi DeCanio

“I’m kind of making this up as I go along,” Lewandowski admits, though it’s been going well so far. “I just thought this was a good time, this last time right after Thanksgiving, and then we probably won’t do anything until the spring,” she adds, pointing out that these shows are partly outdoors and won’t work in the winter.

Lewandowski says she also wanted to get one more show up because, despite its success and great turnout last time, she heard from a number of people who missed the first show in August. “I think there are a lot of people who would’ve come the first time who will now come because they heard how amazing it was,” she says, explaining that these exhibitions are all about gathering different cross sections of the community and getting folks together with shared interests.

“This is my passion in a way. My motivation isn’t making a lot of money for myself, per se. I’m very happy when the artists sell and all that. There’s something about it that I really enjoy when I see people come together,” Lewandowski says.

Anyone looking to attend this “perfect after Thanksgiving event” opening reception on Saturday, November 26 must RSVP by emailing [email protected].

After the opening, the show will be available by appointment (email Geralyne at address above) through Tuesday, December 6.

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